What is the P2E meaning? Good question and one that we’ll quickly answer for you. After all, P2E games are big news at the moment and they look to be even bigger news in the future. So stick with us as we see what the P2E gaming revolution is all about.

P2E Meaning

Explaining the P2E meaning in simple terms

OK let’s get things clear. When discussing the P2E meaning, we’re not talking about turning something from a paper to an electronic form. Nor are we referring to a game as being pay-to-enjoy which is something touched upon when we investigated the P2W meaning.

Instead, when a game is P2E, it means that it is a play-to earn game. These are largely play to earn crypto games. This is because these games use the blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies to allow people to receive payments from their gameplay.

They are obviously hugely compelling for the game players in that they can get paid in cryptos and NFTs which can then be traded for real money. Conversely, the P2E model is attractive for the gaming studios as it benefits from each transaction made with its tokens and NFTS – all without any intermediary taking a cut of the profits. Plus P2E games are globally available and instantly playable by anyone.

Our pick of the best play to earn games

Play to earn games are everywhere at the moment, and it looks like they are only going to get more popular. P2E games cover all genres from simple puzzle games to arcade games, fantasy sports and much more. You can check out our news resource to keep up to date with the most recently released play to earn games. But for now, here are some of our favourite P2E titles:

Axie Infinity – Perhaps the most famous P2E game, Axie Infinity is based on the Ethereum blockchain and your task is to battle your way to get the Axies monsters that are unique NFT tokens. Each battle won will see you earn cryptos called SLPs that can be traded in for real money at cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bomb Crypto – This is a hugely popular P2E game that is loosely based on the Bomb Squad title but has a clever play to earn mechanic. It features its own crypto called BCOIN and your task is to control your cyborgs into defeating the various monsters and unlocking the BCOIN tokens.

Plant vs Undead – Again, this P2E game earns zero points for originality, but it offers you a fun way to get paid from your gameplay. Here the concept is to arrange plants in certain patterns in a bid to stop the marauding zombie hordes. You need to buy the PVU tokens to get the seeds needed to start playing, but from there, it’s one big battle to get those unique NFTs.

Play To Earn Games

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The future of P2E games

Now that we’ve had the P2E meaning established, it’s clear that this is a concept that’s only just getting started. After all, NFTs have only been with us for a handful of years, but there are now NFT games everywhere that all give you a chance to earn real money from your gameplay.

P2E games are going to become ever more commonplace in years to come. The fact that you can earn cryptos and NFTs from playing games is hugely attractive, and the way in which you can control your in-game assets in new ways is endlessly compelling. Once the major gaming studios start to fully embrace blockchain technology, P2E gaming will truly go mainstream.

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