Metaverse is growing leaps and bounds. We see new play-to-earn crypto games popping up everyday. With so many options to choose from, we felt obliged to do a CryptoVoxels review to help you out a bit.

CryptoVoxels has been created by Nolan Consulting, a firm based in New Zealand. The virtual world is a game based on crypto. Imagine Minecraft, but based on the Ethereum blockchain. That’s exactly what it looks like, but with slightly better graphics.

By the end of this CryptoVoxels review, you can determine if CryptoVoxels is for you. We’ll take a look at the gameplay, compatibility, currencies, controls, and other aspects.


CryptoVoxels: What’s it About?

As we just mentioned, CryptoVoxels is based on Ethereum. Just like several other crypto games, CryptoVoxels allows players to buy land, develop it, build on it, lease it, and sell it. The ownership gets etched permanently on the blockchain.

In CryptoVoxels, players can build their plot of land with the monochrome blocks. You can customize the designs and add images, audio files, text, vox. files, and even gifs! You are bound to get the Minecraft vibe from the game.

You, as a player, can buy a piece of digital land called ‘parcels’ in the Origin City from CryptoVoxels (if you have an Ethereum Wallet) or OpenSea. Then, you can build stuff block by block. You can also design your own avatar and name it.

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Ownership and Buildings in CryptoVoxels

CryptoVoxels is an entirely user-owned world. The land in the game can be acquired by buying limited NFTs. After buying a land NFT, a player gets a piece of land virtual city, and the ownership is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. You can lease your land and sell it as well.

So, does CryptoVoxles have a token? Yes, it does. It’s called CryptoVoxels Parcel (CVPA) that you can buy or sell on the OpenSea NFT platform. The parcel represents a piece of land in the Origin City. Every week, there’s a CVPA auction in CryptoVoxels where you can trade.

Even if you own a single piece of land, you can build on it and earn. You can build a mall, museum, theatre, or rather any possible structure. You can make friends or host events in the 3D universe.

NFTs in CryptoVoxels

The best part about being in CryptoVoxels world is that you can create your own NFT wearables! The NFTs created by the community members can be bought and traded on OpenSea and similar places.

Other than land, you can create pets, food, clothes, and many such NFTs and put them up for sale on OpenSea or other marketplaces. In Origin City, you can see NFTs displayed in malls, cafes, galleries, and museums. These are either up for display or auction. You can also showcase your NFTs in CryptoVoxels.

How to Play in CryptoVoxels

One question that you won’t ask is ‘how to play’ because CryptoVoxels controls are easy. Here’s how you can move around in the Origin City:

  • To walk, you use the Arrow Keys or W-A-S-D
  • Press F to fly
  • Use SHIFT to move faster
  • To jump, hit the spacebar key
  • Press C to switch between FPP and TPP

Again, if you are familiar with Minecraft and sandbox games, you won’t find crypto games much different.

map cryptovoxels

What’s So Special About CryptoVoxels?

Of course, CryptoVoxels review cannot be complete without discussing special features of the game. And CryptoVoxels happens to be loaded with features.

To begin with, it’s a community-owned place where you’ll meet a lot of creative people. You can check out places like MoCA (Museum of Crypto Art), B20 Museum, Unique one Art Enclave, and a lot of such amazing places.

CryptoVoxels also emulates real-world events well. For instance, you can attend a concert with other players. The developers are aiming to integrate more and more Augmented Reality elements into the game.

The VR compatibility gives CryptoVoxels an edge over other games based on crypto. You can use VR headsets for a more immersive experience.

Is CryptoVoxels legit?

Of course, CryptoVoxels is quite legit. In fact, the metaverse has surged in popularity during the last few months. In 2020, a parcel had a price tag of $800. However, in 2021, the price has hiked to $4000. This indicates the growing fame and participation.

Moreover, CryptoVoxels is a community-driven, decentralized metaverse. It’s a place created by the creatives and for the creatives. It’s one of the best crypto games to display your work.

CryptoVoxels Review: The Verdict

CryptoVoxels is easy to use and understand. If you have played Minecraft before, you will have no trouble playing CryptoVoxels. All the editor tools are fun and simple to use. The game is vivid and has pleasing visuals.

The VR compatibility and closer imitation of real-life makes CryptoVoxels stand apart in the crowd. If you’re into creating or collecting NFTs, then you can consider getting started on CryptoVoxels.

The game is compatible with Chrome, Firefox and any browser that supports HTML. You can take a round of the Origin City for free before you decide to buy a parcel.

As of now, the CryptoVoxels virtual worlds game has a lot of interesting places to visit. It’s like a virtual city packed with creative people that holds a promising future.