Dota 2 is a complicated game. With more than 120 Heroes, 200 items and 500 abilities, there’s a lot to keep track of in a Dota esports match. Thankfully for drafters, all of the complexity can be boiled down into Dota fantasy points. While the exact method can vary from website to website, Dota developers Valve have created their own fantasy Dota 2 points system.

Similar to other fantasy esports, players earn points by scoring kills, destroying enemy structures and accumulating gold and experience. However, Dota fantasy can track less obvious statistics like Roshan kills, healing and crowd control. Below is a list of the official Dota fantasy point values, though their exact worth can vary from site to site.

Dota 2 Fantasy Points

Dota 2 Fantasy Point Value

Kill = 0.3 Points

Kills on enemy Heroes grant a third of a point, making it the primary stat contributor for active midlaners and deathball strategies.

Death = -0.3 Points

Deaths can easily go into the double digits for supports in a losing game, possibly earning them negative Dota 2 fantasy points.

Assist = 0.15 Points

Assists don’t count as much as kills, but multiple Heroes can earn them on a single kill. Soft supports usually get the most assists in a match.

Last Hit = 0.003 Points

It takes 100 last hits to equal a kill, but farming carries like Medusa, Sven and Anti-Mage can rack up several hundred in a long game.

Gold per minute = 0.002 Points

This is another stat for carries and midlaners. A great GPM of 700 would earn 1.4 Dota 2 fantasy points.

XP per minute = 0.002 Points

Midlaners in a winning game can earn upwards of 900 experience per minute, making them the biggest contributor of XP fantasy points.

Stunning enemies for one second = 0.07 Points

Most supports have at least one single-target stun, but many offlaners have area-of-effect stuns that can multiply this stat.

Healing 1000 allied Hero health = 0.4 Points

This stat is mostly reserved for hard supports. Dazzle, Winter Wyvern, Warlock, Abbadon and more can heal their team throughout the game.

Tower Kill = 1 Point

Each lane has three towers, plus a pair near the Ancient for eleven total. Tower kills are usually split up among the cores.

Roshan Kill = 1 Point

Taking down Rosh and claiming the Aegis of the Immortal is a pivotal moment in most matches. Carries like Phantom Assassin and Ursa can take Roshan early.

First Blood = 3

First Blood is the most valuable source of fantasy points Dota 2 can offer at ten times a normal kill. No position, in particular, is the best at scoring the first kill.

Keep in mind that each Dota 2 fantasy draft website has its own rules and points system. Valve’s official metrics only provide a guideline to Dota bookies, who might have a different Dota 2 fantasy points meaning. Always review the Dota esports DFS rules before drafting your fantasy Dota 2 team.