Is DraftKings legal in California? DraftKings is a premier site for sports gambling and betting. Their Sportsbook and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) are two of their most profitable markets. They’ve increased their influence over the past couple of years and show no signs of stopping.

California is a massive market when it comes to all things sports. Its size and population make it especially enticing for companies involved in sports betting and sports gambling.

For DraftKings, a site trying to grow its fantasy esports services, California’s strong esport program is just more incentive to form a DraftKings California partnership.

Is DraftKings DFS Legal In California

The laws in California ban state online sports betting, but the official verdict for DFS in the state is a lot murkier. There are no laws that specifically mark it as illegal, but no laws explicitly state DFS is legal.

For now, DraftKings DFS operations and the DFS operations of other companies continue to run smoothly. They’ve perceived the non-commitment by California lawmakers as permission to do as they want.

As for individuals, they can continue using the DraftKings CA app and website freely. It’s not impossible to envision a future where California outright bans DFS, but individual users won’t face any legal repercussions if it does come.

For now, DraftKings will likely continue its operations undisturbed. Although they definitely would prefer California to allow online sports betting, their profits from DFS alone are likely enormous. The California market could be better for sites like DraftKings, but it’s still fine as is.

is draftkings legal in california

Is DraftKings Sportsbook Legal In California

Is DraftKings legal in California” is a tricky question. Depending on the state, DraftKings can have multiple legal and illegal services. However, the DraftKings Sportsbook is unfortunately illegal in California.

California has banned online sports betting entirely, with most of the reason being casinos. They currently control much of the sports betting market in California and seem unwilling to budge. Letting laws that can give DraftKings the right to operate its Sportsbook pass would hurt their income.

So far, the legal situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. Still, momentum has been on the side of DraftKings and sports betting as of late, so there’s a good chance they’ll eventually gain legalization.

Now, when California does eventually allow online sports betting, it’ll become the biggest opportunity in a long time for many companies. You can bet DraftKings will have its eyes locked on California, a state with over a dozen major sports teams.