Is DraftKings legal in Texas? DraftKings is a premier site for sports gambling and betting. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and their Sportsbook are two of their most profitable markets. They’ve increased their influence over the past couple of years and show no signs of stopping.

Texas is one of the biggest sports markets in the world, with close to a dozen major sports teams, both professional and amateur. Many sports fans in the state likely have an interest in fantasy sports and sports betting. Whether they can use DraftKings is a question they’ll want to know.

Is DraftKings DFS Legal In Texas

The DraftKings Sportsbook is illegal in Texas; however, DraftKings DFS operations are alive and healthy. When it comes to DFS, the states where DraftKings is legal far outnumber states where it’s illegal.

As stated before, there are a ton of teams and fans in Texas. DraftKings operations in Texas are without a doubt a big reason why DFS is such a massive moneymaker for the company.

With the Cowboys and Texans, the NFL alone likely accounts for thousands and maybe millions of users. Still, the other leagues hold their own weight in the DFS market. This is especially true with the NBA, as there are three historically successful teams in Texas.

While DraftKings would definitely prefer both DFS and their sportsbook being legal, just having one of them legalized is a major boon. They’ll be one of the first to pounce if online sports betting becomes legal, but for now, they’re as successful as they could be in Texas.

is draftkings legal in texas

Is DraftKings Sportsbook Legal In Texas

The question of “Is DraftKings legal in Texas” doesn’t have a clear yes or no answer. Depending on the state, DraftKings can have multiple legal and illegal services. However, the DraftKings Sportsbook is unfortunately illegal in Texas.

Texas has banned online sports betting entirely, something that’s actually good news for DraftKings. A reversible state law keeps DraftKings from operating, meaning DraftKings Texas relations probably aren’t strained.

For now, there are some promising signs things are changing in Texas but nothing concrete or imminent. Even in the best-case scenario, it’s unlikely Texas legalizes online sports betting until 2022.

Now, when Texas does eventually legalize sports betting, there will be significant ripples in the industry. Texas would become the biggest opportunity in a long time for many companies. You can bet DraftKings will try to add Texas to the list of states where its Sportsbook is legal.