Street Fighter 5 Esports Game Review

Why Street Fighter V is one of the best fighting games in esports

Everybody knows that Street Fighter is one of the most popular video games of all-time. But the recent 2016 edition of the fighting game has also proven to be a big hit in the esports realm. Read our review of Street Fighter 5 to learn more about how this epic franchise has survived into the modern era.

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Street Fighter 5

The best of all Street Fighter games

All Street Fighter games are intense combat games where players must fight against their opponents. Ever since Capcom released the first Street Fighter title in 1987, its side-scrolling fighting action became a massive global gaming hit. And although there is still plenty of debate about whether Street Fighter or Tekken is the best fighting game of all-time, there is little doubt that Street Fighter V is the best title in the franchise. With over 40 million in franchise sales, it’s clear that Street Fighter games are here to stay. But what is it about the latest version that makes Street Fighter and esports such perfect partners for each other?


See what Street Fighter V is all about

If you’ve somehow never witnessed the intense fighting action of Street Fighter 5, be sure to check out this gameplay trailer and see what you’ve been missing.

Our Street Fighter 5 review will give you a quick introduction to this awesome title so that you will instantly see why this fighting game has become such a massive esports sensation. So that whether you want to want to play the game, or even take a bet on Street Fighter V, be sure to read more about this bruising combat title.

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How have Street Fighter games become so successful?

On paper, the Street Fighter franchise is little different from many other hand-to-hand combat games. But what keeps this Capcom title ahead of its competitors is an enviable combination of lightning-fast gameplay, stylish graphics and an ever-growing selection of Street Fighter characters to play with.

street fighter ii
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter 5 main
Street Fighter V
street fighter arcade edition
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

With over $10 billion in revenues, it’s clear that Capcom have put plenty of effort into ensuring that Street Fighter continues to feel fresh and relevant for today’s gaming scene. Whilst Capcom have clung onto the two-dimensional sideways-scrolling gameplay of the 1987 original, they have introduced many more new features that should help Street Fighter continue to pick up new fans.

From cross-platform gameplay to some great new Street Fighter characters, there’s plenty here to appeal to a younger generation of gamers. And whilst the battle between Street Fighter and Tekken continues to rage, it’s clear that it’s Street Fighter’s esports ambitions that could be its saving grace.

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What are the key ingredients of Street Fighter 5?

Street Fighter 5 is a game that’s incredibly simple to understand. It’s not surprising to find that the core objective of Street Fighter 5 is to beat your opponent in physical combat. But what makes all Street Fighter games so addictive is the way that you can use a variety of attacks and special moves to neutralise your opponent.

street fighter 5 esports

Not only is there a great deal of skill in learning all of the moves attributed to each of the Street Fighter characters, but the latest instalment of the game added a V-Gauge that offers the player special powers that can be used to devastating effect.

In addition to this, new characters and even a story mode was added through downloadable content after Street Fighter 5’s release. All of which helped to make this title the best of the Street Fighter games so far.

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Street Fighter characters

The most important part of the game?

All incarnations of Street Fighter have given the player the opportunity of picking and choosing a character to play with. Street Fighter 5 served up 16 characters with their own distinct back stories and special skills — four of these were brand new Street Fighter characters.

Alongside iconic characters like Ryu, gamers got to play as newcomers like Rashid who has the power of manipulating the wind, whereas Laura Matsuda has the unnerving ability to use electricity in her attacks.

chun li street fighter
zangief vs bison sf5
Zangief vs M. Bison
cummy street fighter
Cammy White

With further fighters like Falke and G being made available through DLC following the game’s release, it shows how much demand there is for evermore outlandish creations. And with the opportunity of buying these characters with real-world money or ‘Fight Money’, it’s evident that Street Fighter is a franchise that is unafraid to move with the times.

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What are the main Street Fighter tournaments?

Street Fighter’s awesome gameplay and simple premise means that it’s perfectly suited for the dynamic world of esports. Ever since the game was released, it quickly became a big hit in the competitive gaming scene and $2 million in prize winnings has been awarded from nearly 100 separate Street Fighter tournaments so far.

The best place to see the ultimate in Street Fighter esports is the Capcom Pro Tour that recently saw MenaRD pick up $250,000 for his exceptional fighting skills. The Evolution Championship Series also serves up plenty of great combat action with Japanese esports stars like Tokido and Kanunoko routinely delivering a masterclass in Street Fighter gameplay.


And with many other top tournaments like ELEAGUE and DreamHack now including Capcom’s fighting game in their attractions, it’s just another reason why the battle of Street Fighter versus Tekken could soon be over.

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Final thoughts on Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V could be the best combat game that’s ever been released.

Whilst other games seem to get evermore complicated, there’s something about the simplicity and style of Street Fighter that should ensure that this franchise continues its incredible popularity.

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With many more characters, stories, special moves and esports tournaments being introduced, it looks like Capcom’s fighting game will last the distance.

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Who are the best players in the world?

Whilst Capcom only releases a new version of Street Fighter every few years, the esports world has given us an ever changing selection of awesome Street Fighter esports competitions to keep up with. Watching the best Street Fighter esports players is a great way to quickly get up to speed with the game and improve your own gaming skills. From the Evolution Championship Series to the Capcom Pro Tour, there’s always some great street fighting action going on somewhere in the world. So check out our esports news section so that you can get the lowdown on the movers and shakers in the fascinating realm of Street Fighter esports tournaments.


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