5 Days of Melee Launches

A Melee event taking place all throughout this week is set to kick-off Smash’s biggest weeks in some time. 5 Days of Melee is a lengthy event comprising of live Melee gameplay, Project M, while there’s even the premier of a documentary. This event comes after Nintendo cancelled the Big House Online Events, and put some pressure on others using modified versions of the game. Excitement for the 5 days of Melee is at a high, coming as soon fresh Smash Bros content in the middle of the #FreeMelee storm.

The 5 Days of Smash Bros is an event that is going to be running for a full 108 hours. It will be showcasing works from the Melee community, but also from the wider Smash Bros community as a whole. Project M, a fan made expansion and correction of Smash Bros Brawl, will also be featured. That’s alongside some documentaries and other content. This is what you need to know:

5 Days of Melee Schedule

5 Days of Melee is going to be a big event. This is what you can expect across the stream:

  • Game Shows
  • Panels
  • Exhibition Matches
  • Project M Showcases, dissuasion and matches
  • Metagame Documentary
  • Live Melee Podcasts
  • Speedrunning Exhibitions
  • Other Games like Among Us Played During Downtime.
  • VOD of Previous Big Matches
  • Tournaments

Most of this content is going to cater to hardcore Melee fans, but there’s a lot there to enjoy. Moving some of the focus back onto Project M might even help defuse some of the current tensions over Melee. That’s a fan modified version of Smash Bros which has been running considerably longer than the recent NetPlay Melee add-on.


The 5 Days of Melee event is going to be holding some tournaments alongside all of this content.  8 players will be competing in an Open Backed in an EU Series. There will also be the North America qualifier for the Lugwid Ahgreen Championship Series taking place.

The competitive action isn’t the main event for this event, but it is sure to be a highlight. The full schedule feature a lot of action:

5 Days of Melee is being held to raise money for Covis-19 Direct Relief and other charities. So getting involved in the stream is going to be giving money to a good cause. The event is due to be running Dec 14-19th, with a pretty packed schedule across the five days.

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5 Days of Melee and the Community

The 5 Days of Melee event is a shot in the arm for a community that kind of needed it right now. Since Nintendo launched an aggressive take down against Mele events using mods, it has been difficult for events to be held. The Melee community became more active and visible in the wider world following the tournament cancellation than it has since the release of Ultimate. Bringing fans together in anger at Nintendo definitely reinvigorated players. The only problem was these reinvigorated fans had nothing to actually engage with beyond a hashtag.

The 5 Days of Melee event provides some great melee-focused action for players and fans. A big event like this that celebrates the wider community from Melee as much as the game is probably the best thing for right now.

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