Activision Starts a War on Call of Duty Cheats Providers

Call of Duty: Warzone might be the title that has one of the biggest and most infuriating cheating problems. Cheating in FPSs isn’t exactly rare, but Warzone and Call of Duty cheats are some of the most prevalent. Activision now appears to be making their biggest steps yet to curb Call of Duty cheating. This time around they’re going further than just banning some players, they’re actually going after the cheat providers and those who make the software.

Cheats in FPS often work by using third party programs. There are cheats that allow you to shoot through walls or just aimbots to beam other players out the sky. Using them is against the terms of service, but that rarely stops players. A lot of gamers ignore this and use the cheat software anyway. The outcome tends to be banned accounts. Activision is attempting to cut cheating off at the source, by going after the providers.

CXCheats and Call of Duty Cheating

CXCheats are one of the biggest distributors of cheating software. Activision has issued a legal threat to force them to stop selling their Call of Duty cheating software. CxCheates made a statement on Discord officially discontinuing the product. They also advised players that using the cheating software was against the game’s terms of service. Of course, we can probably assume that everyone involved knew that already. You don’t really need legal threats from Activision to see that.

In the days since the Discord has been taken private. In the meantime though, players asked for refunds for the period they’d been subscribed for. These players have found very little sympathy from the wider community. Call of Duty in particular has had a lot of damage done from the prevalence of cheating, so going after providers is a popular move.

Activision’s new approach to taking down Call of Duty cheating is definitely making more waves, but…

Is This Enough?

Activision is trying their best to take down CXCheats. This won’t be the end of it though. This is just one provider of Call of Duty Cheats. EgineOwning, GatorCheats, and ev0lve all continue to offer pretty much the same cheats as CXCheats. CXCheats themselves still offer the same products for other games like Apex Legends. Some of those other providers might be quite a bit more popular than CXCheats too.

A few of these mentioned sites even brag about their ability to evade cheat bans in-game. In cases where the cheats are undetectable, cutting the cheats off at the source is a considerably better choice for cracking down. It remains to be seen if Activision will extend this attempt to take down Call of Duty cheating to other providers of cheats. This approach does seem more efficient, but with so many tools out there they’ll have their work cut out approaching all of the cheat makers.

With Activision going after the providers themselves, it is becoming weirder to see these companies still offering the same cheats for different games. If Activision approaches succeed, it would be fair to expect the makers of Apex Legends, CSGO and PUBG to follow in their footsteps.

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