Apex Mobile Distortion: Rhapsody, maps, and new modes drop today

The Distortion update has arrived into Apex Legends Mobile bringing a lot of new content to the game. This includes the latest mobile-exclusive legend, Rhapsody, a new map, events, season two, and much more.

Read on to find out everything new that has arrived with this update to the shooter game.

Rhapsody - the new mobile-exclusive legend in Apex Mobile's Distortion update.

Rhapsody – the new mobile-exclusive legend in Apex Mobile’s Distortion update.

Distortion brings 2nd mobile-exclusive legend to Apex Legends, Rhapsody

Apex Legends Mobile may look similar to the main version, but it’s a separate game. As such, EA is bringing mobile-exclusive legends, maps, and modes to the game. After introducing Fade a few months back, the second-mobile exclusive legend is here with the Distortion update.

Rhapsody is a musician with unique abilities.

Let’s begin with her passive called Gifted Ear. This allows the legend to pick up and visualize sounds from an extended range. Secondly, her tactical ability is called Hype Anthem. This plays a powerful anthem that speeds up nearby allies and recharges their shields. Be wary of using this ability, though, as taking any damage will instantly end its effect. Lastly, Rhapsody’s ultimate is called Rowdy’s Rave. When this is used, the legend will project a wall of flashing lights. This blocks incoming sight and scans.

Distortion update to bring two new maps to Apex Legends Mobile

King’s Canyon

King's Canyon is returning to Apex Mobile.

The OG map from Apex Legends is now available on mobile as well. EA has said that Rhapsody has left some VIP tickets around the map to celebrate its release. You can find these tickets to get into her next concert.

Pythas Block O

apex-mobile-pythas-o The other map coming in Apex Legends Mobile’s Distortion update is Pythas Block O. The TDM map is a corporate campus owned by Pythas Inc.

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Apex Mobile to get two new game modes as well in the Distortion update

If two new maps and a mobile-exclusive agent aren’t enough, EA is also bringing two new modes to keep players hooked. These are the Gun Game and the Hack modes.

Gun Game

The Gun Game requires players to get kills by working their way through the arsenal of guns in the game. Thus, players will get a new weapon periodically in this mode. The player with the most points or three melee kills will win the match.


Hack is a unique mode that has arrived in Apex Legends Mobile’s Distortion update. In this, two teams, the Hackers and the Defenders will face off for the victory. What makes this mode exciting is the fact that there is an ADS satellite circling the map which is equipped with an orbital cannon. There will be two sites on the map that the Hackers must take control of to gain points. If the hackers achieve three points, the satellite will take down all of the Defenders. Thus, the defenders’ goal is to protect against the hack at all costs.