Apex Legends Mobile heirloom exclusive features & over-the-top animation

Apex Legends Mobile is getting its first exclusive legend, Fade. However, the news has some fans a little less than excited. It seems it’s bringing a much-requested feature to a Apex Legends Mobile Heirloom. It’s brought into sharper focus the contrast between the highest levels of cosmetics.

As one of the most expensive cosmetics in the game, it feels unfair that the original heirlooms aren’t getting the same treatment.

Heirlooms Apex

Apex Legends Mobile Heirlooms

The Heirlooms rank as the biggest unlock in the game. These are expensive. Players have to fork out a lot of money or play for a serious amount of time to grab an heirloom. Since they’re essentially the top tier of cosmetics, fans expect a lot from them.

Outside the new features coming to Apex Legends Mobile, the newer ones seem distinctly more interesting than the old ones. For new characters and their heirlooms such as Revenant’s Dead’s Man Curve, there’s a lot more going on. The weapons have more in-depth animations. They’re also visually more interesting. For many, this isn’t a matter of taste either. The newer heirlooms have more animations, making them a bigger unlock than the originals.

Many have criticised the older heirlooms that are beginning to feel under-done compared to the more recent ones. Players have long been requesting new features like customization. Apex Legends Mobile heirlooms are bringing one of those much-requested features to the game with Fade’s weapon.

Fade Heirloom is over the top

The Fade heirloom, or signature weapon, coming to Apex Legends Mobile is going to be customizable. This will have six different factors that you can change up. It should allow players to really customize how their weapon looks. However, the change has some original Apex players a bit annoyed.

The Fade signature Weapon isn’t strictly an heirloom. However, it has a lot of similarities and seems to be a new evolution on that concept. The signature weapon isn’t nearly that expensive though. Players can unlock customization options by going though missions, or by buying them. This makes it quite a bit easier for players to unlock.

The Apex Legends Mobile heirloom is going to be significantly cheaper, and have more options for players. This leaves the Heirlooms on the main Apex Legends looking a bit inadequate in comparison.

Are the Mobile changes moving to Apex Legends?

The Apex Legends Mobile heirloom alternative is definitely a lot flashier than the old ones. Customization is a big feature. When you take into account how aged some of the original heirlooms are, this is looking like a much better development. But is the new feature is coming to the main game?

Apex Legends Mobile already has a few features which are missing from the main game. This Legend Fade is even going to be exclusive to the Apex Legends Mobile. This could mean that customizable cosmetics might be staying on mobile only. Although, the calls for this feature to be added to cosmetics might make developers take notice and bring things over to the main game.

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