Apex Legends Season 5 is live!

Apex Legends, EA’s free-to-play shooter is about to enter a new age – its fifth season. With it, there will be a series of changes, including a much-anticipated new character named Loba. She was already previously introduced in an Apex season 5 trailer, but now we know a lot more about her. Check out the latest Apex Legends news for more info.

apex legends season 5

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Apex Season 5

Apex Legends Season 5 just launched on May 12th. In addition to the new legend Loba, there will also be some changes to the King’s Canyon map. Skulltown and Thunderdome have been removed, instead, players can now find POI Salvage along the Broken Coast. An offshore rig connects to the former wetlands, which have been replaced by the Capacitor. There are also new underground pathways in the region, leading to Singh Labs. Singh Labs exterior has changed as well, with the Reclaimed Forest around them slowly being taken over by Nesting Grounds.

For the first two weeks after the launch of Apex Season 5, King’s Canyon will be the only map available, to allow players to explore and learn the new meta. After that, other maps will be thrown into the rotation again, with World’s Edge Season 4 being available as well. In other words – learn the new map now, before you’ll be up against players who used their two weeks ahead of you!


The new legend that’s part of Season 5’s Fortune’s Favor is described as stylish, sophisticated, and resourceful. She’s a teleporter with some pretty cool skills – Her tactical ability is Burglar’s Best Friend and it allows her to use her Jump Drive bracelet to teleport to hard to reach places or away from danger.

Her ulti is called Black Market Boutique and it allows her to place a portable device that will teleport nearby loot straight to your inventory. All units can take up to two items, but it’s not limited to allies – enemies can use it too.

Additionally, she also has the skill Eye for Quality, a passive that lets her see epic and legendary loot through walls. Her backstory is entwined with fellow legend Revenant, who killed her parents. She is after him for revenge, only getting side-tracked by the occasional shiny trinket.

Making it big

Another new element that many players will find intriguing are the Charge Towers. They will grant a full ulti charge to anyone standing on the platform when it is activated – friend or foe. Along with them, there is also a quest – the first of its kind, Broken Ghost. It has players searching for 9 pieces of a mysterious relic. Players can get daily Treasure Packs and weekly drops as well – for more info, check out the Apex site.

Of course, the new season wouldn’t be complete without a new ranked series and a battle pass. You can bet on Apex Legends delivering when it comes to their battle passes – over 100 exclusive items are up for grabs. To round out the player experience, Apex has also added the possibility to reconnect to dropped matches – so if your game crashes, you accidentally disconnect because of a dropped connection or something similar, you can reconnect by restarting the game and entering the lobby. Provided your squad is still alive and the match still going on, you’ll be able to re-join, no problem!

If playing isn’t for you and you’d rather stay in the betting world, you can do that too – check out if your favourite esports betting sites are offering Apex Legends odds on events and ranked games.

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