Revelry on Valentine’s Day – Obviously a free day for Apex Players

Apex Legends is set for the new Season 16 update called Revelry. The date of its launch has been quite the meme lately, coming for all on the 14th of February. This Valentine’s day, Apex Legends devs have decided to take the joke one step forward.

Following the new update, players will be provided with extra experience in the matches they play as a Duo. While keeping it on track with the update there are quite a few things that are such as changing up the current playstyle with the battle royal.

Apex Legends Revelry

The upcoming season update will feature a fresh and distinctive Battle Pass and a ton of cosmetic goods, weapon camos, legends’ skins, charms, and much more. Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, as well as Support, are the five main classes that the legends will fall under, and the class structure will also undergo a significant change.

New Character Classes in Apex Legends Season 16

The upcoming update to Apex Legends, Revelry, brings significant changes to the Legend classes in the battle royale game. In response to the impact of new Legends and maps on the meta, Respawn has reclassified its characters based on their utility and introduced a new five-class system.

Each class reflects the core playstyle of the Legends within it and has a unique gameplay ability. This system provides all Legends with something to offer, making the game more engaging and dynamic. The five classes and Legends within them are designed to cater to different play styles and provide players with more options to enhance their gameplay experience.

The different class perks are as follows:

  • Assault – More ammo & stack,
  • Skirmisher – Reveal care packages
  • Recon – Survey beacon
  • Support – Craft banners,
  • Controller – Ring console

Here’s how the overall division goes:


  • Bangalore
  • Revenant
  • Fuse
  • Ash
  • Mad Maggie


  • Seer
  • Bloodhound
  • Vantage
  • Crypto


  • Mirage
  • Pathfinder
  • Wraith
  • Octane
  • Horizon
  • Valkyrie


  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline
  • Loba
  • Newcastle


New game mode in Apex Legends

The new game mode called “Team Deathmatch”, a fast-spawning mode wherein players don’t have to worry about tactics and just do pure aim practice.

Similar to Control mode, Team Deathmatch is 6 vs. 6 matches where you pick your loadout at spawn. When you respawn, you can also alter your legend or loadout. The game is won by the first team to win two rounds. The mode should help fans test other types of loudouts and prep for “big games”.

Valentine’s week with new date night duos

The Valentine’s Week event in Apex Legends is ideal for couples. You and your companion try to become the Apex Champions by competing in the Date Night LTM. The Valentine’s Day Sale under the Store Tab will also provide the two of you the opportunity to purchase unique bundles.  This seems to be the massive joke played by EA on their fanbase. As such it will be quite the experience on the servers trying to find love. As such it could be the first time that a game will be promoting the idea of being a dating app just for gamers.

Date Night will act as a basic Duo Battle Royale, much like any other takeover mode. Any healing you provide for yourself in Date Night, whether it be for direct health or to recharge shields, will also benefit any nearby teammates that are on your team.

As such mainly promotes the idea of gamers trying to find someone they love or can love for simply that one week. It won’t be quite a surprise to see people on various social media websites see highlights and Reddit posts about this one-week event. The Heart Stealer Bocek Compound Bow, a special kind which syphons opponent health points, is another aspect of the gameplay