Axie Infinity – First Batch of Origin Cards Revealed

If all goes according to plan, we are now weeks away from the release of Axie Infinity Version 3 called Origin. It will be the new main version of the game. But do not worry as your current Axies from the current Version 2 can be transferred to Origin.

Axie Origins Cards

Axie Infinity / Sky Mavis

Yet as the transition will take place, the Axie Infinity cards we have now will change in Origin. And earlier today, Skt Mavis revealed the first set of new cards for Origin. All of these are the tail part cards, and some are already interesting, especially for those who want to theory craft as early as now.

Here are some of the new Axie Origin cards to watch out for.

Tiny Dino

Tiny DinoThe Origin counterpart of Tiny Dino was already revealed weeks ago when Sky Mavis announced some of the most important details for Version 3. Since then, the card has become one of the most talked-about Origin cards so far, as well as being one of the most used cards in today’s Version 2 meta thanks to the rampant presence of the God Reptile.

The new Tiny Dino is still somehow like its Version 2 counterpart. But instead of its current wording which reads as “Deal 150% after round 4,” its Origin version is now written as “Retain. This card gains 15 bonus DMG per turn if Retained. Max: 4 turns.” It’s almost the same effect since both cards could reach their full potential by round or turn 5.

Also, the term “Retain” could be self-explanatory since we all know that Origin would not keep the cards drawn by players as turns progress. The only difference is that Tiny Dino won’t have the bulky shield it has today, but being a 1-cost card in Origin while having the potential to deal such damage is just a force to deal with.

Gravel Ant

Gravel Ant V3Gravel Ant in Version 2 of Axie Infinity is already, if not the best, but one of the best cards in the game of Axie. That lone card can dismantle your opponent especially if they use melee cards in the majority of their Axies. The disabling effect is just way too insane.

But in Origin, it now has no damage and just 60 shield. Yet it has the effect which reads “Target any ally. Next turn, after the target is attacked, apply Fear to the attacker for 4 turns.” We still do not have the official wording for Fear. But in the current game, it prevents an Axie to do an attack that lasts for at least 1 turn.

Now the thing to consider here is the term “turn.” In Version 2, turn is the moment where an Axie will execute an attack using only one card. Though this could be different in Origin since it’ll be a turn-based game already. So if all of these will be applied where an Axie can’t attack for 4 turns, then Gravel Ant will definitely be one of the best and most broken cards in the game, hands down. But we still need to wait until Origin gets released to know how it will really work.


Koi Axie OriginsAnd last but not least, we have here Koi which could be one of the most damaging cards in Origin.

Since the Speed boost Koi gives currently in Version 2 won’t matter in Origin (perks of a turn-based game), Sky Mavis transformed the card as a 2 energy cost, 120 damage monster with the effect that reads as “Deal 15 bonus DMG per Aquatic ally.” Just imagine the amount of damage it can bring to the table.

Of course, the 2 energy cost to activate the card could be a bit heavy. But the massive power it has can definitely turn games around. And with the energy-gaining card Nimo also revealed today, the Aqua wonders may still continue in Origin.

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