Axie Origins Ear Cards Revealed – Even more synergy potential in V3

Axie Infinity’s newest version, Axie Origins, is almost upon us. And with that, developer Sky Mavis has recently been teasing us with the upcoming cards we’ll use in version 3. The original four cards – comprised of the Mouth, Horn, Back, and Tail cards as seen on version 2 were all revealed thanks to their Origins counterparts.

But the once-secret Ear part cards which did not see any official card effects in version 2 are now available, providing more chances for players to develop synergies in version 3. We just have to wait for the Eye cards, but five out of six being revealed gives us a glimpse that Axie Origins is almost here.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the most interesting Ear cards for Axie Origins.

Axie Infinity Origins ear cards


Nimo originally is the Tail part card for an Aqua Axie that provides additional energy when comboed with another card. Though now, it is also confirmed that another Nimo card will be appearing in Origins – in a form of an Ear card.

And this version of Nimo may have a simple effect which reads: “Gain 1 Energy if this Axie’s HP is full.”, but the amount of utility this card can bring to the table could be worth it. This Nimo has also a 0-cost, making it a free card all the way. I mean, combining this with the Nimo Tail card all for 0 energy while having the benefits of gaining energies and a card is just way too helpful.

Now the powerful 2-energy costs such as Koi, Perch, and Oranda would make more sense to be used if these Nimo cards are utilized. Watch out for possible Aqua domination in Origins!

Innocent Lamb

Innocent Lamb has no attack or defense, but its effect is kinda tricky and interesting. Also, if it’s used in the right way, it can be somehow game-changing.

Its effect reads “Select and add 1 copy of this Axie’s Skill Card to your hand. Banish.” At this point in Origins, Innocent Lamb’s effect may still not be that clear. But the utility this card can give sounds very important already. We are still unsure how impactful its effect can be, but it just brings out the curiosity in me to grasp what this card can do.

We may still be innocent with Innocent Lamb. But maybe in a matter of days, we can finally test the potential this card can offer.


Rosa is a jack of all trades-type of card. Literally, it has a lot on its text, but it could really do a lot of things in the game.

Rosa’s effect reads “Innate. Apply 2 Poison and Sleep for 2 turns to a random enemy. Banish” It has 5 damage to cap it off, but Poison and Sleep to a random enemy? That could be really beneficial to help you win games in Origin.

This might be best used in a full Poison comp where the Poison stacks will be the main weapon to dismantle your opponent’s Axies’ HPs. Also, the Sleep effect is still not fully discussed for Origins but if it will retain what it does in version 2, then that can be annoying to the opponent especially those which are heavy shield reliant.

The new set of card reveals combined with the second and third batch of Axie Origin cards gives a glance at how build and synergy will work in the new expansion. Honestly, Axie is heading into a good direction and we simply cant wait for the new version to arrive.