Beastcoast vs Thunder Predator – OGA DPC South America Betting Lines

Thunder Predator and beastcoast are two best performing Dota 2 teams in South America right now. This weekend at the OGA DPC SA League Season 2, they are set to clash and determine the top seed in the region. Both rivals have been hard at work, maintaining a clean streak of wins to secure top seeds.

It’s all finally going to head on May 1 at 3 AM (UTC+8). Here’s our match analysis and selection of betting lines.

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Thunder Predator – From underdog to global fame

Thunder Predator gained thousands of fans overnight after their phenomenal showing at the Singapore Major. The South American squad managed to upset many fan favorites, most notably, before falling to Invictus Gaming.

Nevertheless, a fifth-place finish is a commendable achievement for the team as they certainly won everyone’s hearts as a reliable team in Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021). Yet, it wasn’t always glory and sunshine before the Singapore Major as SA teams were undermined as the weakest Dota 2 region.

Thunder Predator may not have any prodigies that deliver plays like Evil Geniuses or Team Secret. Instead, they make up for it with a well-balanced roster of players. In their match versus Infamous, we saw Frank “Frank” Arias, the offlaner initiated onto the enemy team, which his team followed up immediately.

Hence, it’s certainly a challenge to counter Thunder Predator’s team synergy. Even so, their opponents do ensure signature heroes such as Earth Spirit does not fall into the hands of Joel Mori “MoOz” Ozambela, the support player.

Beastcoast – The elephant in the room

Beastcoast was, unfortunately, unable to attend the Singapore Major despite securing a Major Playoffs slot. Due to health concerns, the team decided to withdraw from the tournament. However, there’s no denying that they are still a prominent team among the SA candidates.

For starters, beastcoast is still at its best form in the OGA DPC South America. With Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales as the team’s playmaker, beastcoast makes quick work of fights. Furthermore, beastcoast is often depicted as South America’s very own Evil Geniuses, with Chris Luck being compared to Abed.

The fame that beastcoast garnered is mostly contributed from their International 2019 achievement as the sixth-place winner and most accomplished SA team to-date. In short, beastcoast is a stack of seasoned individuals that can hold their own in the spotlight. They did after all win the first season, and simply weren’t able to shine in the international stage. It was Thunder Predator that stole the spotlight, and we think its time for the record to be set straight.

Thunder Predator vs beastcoast Betting Odds & Predictions

On paper, beastcoast has the numbers in their favor. Having been the more seasoned team of the season, beastcoast is the reliable pick in Dota 2 betting. We are looking a potential x1.76 return on beastcoast winning, while Thunder Predator is on an x2.06 stake.

Thunder Predator’s odds aren’t the worst in this case and may actually work out if you are a Thunder Predator fan. Perhaps the experience they gained from competing at Singapore Major may have made them the better team in this match-up. If a double up return isn’t bombastic enough, consider going for Correct Map Score in favor of Thunder Predator. A 2:0 sweep will bag x3.76 return while a more likely 2:1 win bags x3.79 instead.

Aggressive plays and continuous fights seem to be the norm among these SA rivals. Specifically, beastcoast’s average map duration is 40 minutes, so predicting the first map to end after 39.5 minutes will net a “minimal” of x3.14 return. But really, beastcoast tends to enjoy taking it into late game territory, which indirectly meant a higher kill count as well. Thus, any specific bets that revolve around longer durations or higher kills might actually be decent bets.

The Dota 2 odds used in the selections are from GG.BET. Some providers might offer differing odds, so it is advisable to browse around.