OGA DPC South America Season 2 – Match Analysis & Betting Lines

It’s not everyday fans show up and preach about how excited they are to watch South American Dota. The OGA DPC South American Regional League is suddenly becoming a trending market for viewers and bettors after Thunder Predator, the only SA representative at the last major, secured a respectable fifth place, but showed some impressive play along the way.

The added attention has put betting sites on alert, as the betting markets are seeing a ton of movement all of a sudden. Here’s our breakdown of the South American league and what you should expect.

*Those seeking our predictions only, scroll straight to the bottom.

Dota 2 DPC SA S2

OGA DPC South America Season 2 Teams & Format

The South America regional league of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 (DPC 2021), much like its counterparts in North America and Europe Upper Division continues with the same format and added hype. Eight teams compete in a group stage-like format, where matches are single round-robin and best-of-three.

The top two teams proceed to the upcoming major, where first place is a Playoffs slot, and the other earns a Group Stage slot.

As for teams, Thunder Predator is the talk of the town after their epic showing of SA prowess at the ONE Esports Singapore Major. They were not even the “main” team coming from South America as S1 champions beastcoast didn’t even show up to show what they can do on the big stage. Even SG e-sports, NoPing e-sports, Team Unknown, and Infamous would all be doing well in retrospect, after re-watching how the region looked back in Season 1. Finally, filling the void for Season 2 however are the Lower Division Season 1 top seeds, Infinity Esports and Hokori.

With the first week of competition under way, lets get into some match predictions and form our first OGA DPC Sesaon 2 betting slip.

Hokori vs Infinity Esports

Both Hokori and Infinity had decent runs at the previous Lower Division Season 1. They are definitely not pushovers and might even give several Upper Division teams a run for their money. Both teams have faced off against at least Infamous and NoPing recently and were not absolutely uberstomped. They kick off their Season 2 facing each other, and a victory here might be the only one they get for a long while.

Infinity is likely the better team out of the two, but by a very small margin. Last season they played a tiebreaker to decide the winner and both teams ended up with identical scores. Their odds are virtually identical for this matchup as well. Both teams stand at x1.83 in their odds making this matchup a real coin toss.

Its wiser not to chose a winner in this matchup, and instead place a bet on Total Maps Played being over 2.5.

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Thunder Predator vs Infamous

The first week also features Thunder Predator facing Infamous. Of course, Thunder Predator has the edge in victories earned and fan base, so it’s difficult to bet against them. In fact, the odds are against any opponent that Thunder Predator may face in the OGA DPC South America Regional League Season 2.

Thunder Predators’ line-up is a relatively seasoned stack of Peruvian players, but it was at the Singapore Major where they finally revealed their claws. At the trusted esports bookmaker Bet365, Thunder Predators is on an x1.20 against Infamous’ x4.33.

I propose going for a 2:0 final score for Thunder Predator at x1.72 instead.

Beastcoast vs Team Unknown

Last but not least, Beastcoast had a rather unfortunate circumstance during the Singapore Major. They had to withdraw, due to several players’ unable to travel and to preserve the well-being of the roster. Giving up their spot in the major playoffs was painful, to say the least, but there’s no denying that they still topped the scoreboard in the first season’s Upper Division.

Up against a relatively new challenger, Team Unknown may not be a threat to the coast boys. Beastcoast is comprised of players that once secured sixth place at the International 2019 as team Infamous, making them the most accomplished SA team to date.

Dota 2 odds-wise, Team Unknown is really on the disadvantage here, with a massive x5.50 odd against beastcoast’s x1.12. I would once again propose you go for a correct score prediction here with Beastcoast taking the series 2:0 over Unknown at x1.53.

Conclusively, the recent attention that the SA region garnered is all thanks to Thunder Predator, emerging as a reliable candidate in Dota 2 betting. Yet, they have never really been a team in the spotlight during the Upper Division Season 1. It almost felt like Thunder Predator had more trouble dealing with its SA brethren than what other regions have got to offer.

Finally, our betting slip if we decide to make an accumulator bet would look like this:

Hokori vs Infinity EsportsTotal Maps Played over 2.5@ 2.00
Thunder Predator vs InfamousThunder Predator to win 2:0@ 1.72
Beastcoast vs Team UnknownBeastcoast to win 2:0 @ 1.53

As  the OGA DPC SA Season 2 regional league runs its course for the next six weeks, several trustworthy bookmakers offer several Esports bonus offers for newcomers and old users alike.

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