Best Halo Players: 5 of the Best Halo Players in the World

Over two decades, Halo esports has continuously increased its global reach. Halo Infinite brought a good mixture of fresh talent and game legends together. Many top-performing players today have been ever-present, although we’re still waiting to see significant Halo Infinite stats for many of the pros. For this reason, we decided to put together a list of the five best Halo players. Our list will also answer the question of who is the best Halo player in the world.

The Best Halo Players of All Time

Halo is a game synonymous with epic storytelling, great adventures, and in more recent times esports. When Combat Evolved was initially released in 2001, very few would have predicted the upward trajectory and success the scene has experienced. The franchise itself has accumulated over $5 billion in revenue, leading to further growth. Despite Halo now having a TV series, the largest growth area has been in esports. This list of best Halo players in the world is for the players who entertain many, and for those who have had a seismic effect on the competitive scene.

5. Eric “Snip3Down” Wrona

best halo players snip3 down

A player who has shown that skill combined with an ability to communicate effectively can lead to longevity in esports. Snip3down had started to play Halo in 2008. Since then, he has accrued experience at a top level and has won major tournaments throughout his career. It all started when he exploded onto the scene in Halo 3. With his Ambush roster, they managed to scrape a 7th place finish. His performances specifically caught the attention of everybody at the event.

Furthermore, in his debut year, he would be awarded the 2008 Rising Star award and a $5000 prize. From just the early age of 17, his presence was noticed. It didn’t take long for the titles to start flowing. Between 2008 and the end of 2009 he had picked up MLG event wins in Orlando, Toronto, Columbus, Las Vegas, and the National Championships. With over 30 titles, 14 years of experience, and over $1.5million in prize money accumulated, he fully deserves a place on our list.

4. Justin “Pistola” Deese

best halo players pistola

Like Snip3down, Pistola had started his career at an early age. At just 15, he made his debut with Team Vicious. At MLG Meadowlands 2007, his team had finished 25th-32nd. However, he did turn many heads, as in a free-for-all tournament at the same event, he had won that segment. Although his team did improve slightly in results from there, yet again Pistola would win another FFA event, this time in Chicago. This led to him joining Triggers down, a team that would find success.

Pistola would then go on to claim MLG team events in 2009. Meadowlands, Dallas, Anaheim, and Orlando are just some to name a few. Arguably, his biggest and proudest achievements would have been in 2010 and 2011. He and another legendary player, Ogre2, would claim consecutive MLG National Championship titles becoming two of the best Halo players of all time. With multiple championships won, great relationships maintained with other professionals, and an ability to light up any stage, he would make anybody’s best Halo players list.

3. Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte

best halo players of all time snakebite

Now we land at our third spot, SnakeBite is more than deserving of this position. Here’s why we recognise him as one of the best Halo players in the world. Like Pistola, SnakeBite had his first taste of competitive play at the age of 15, representing Relapse. His presence was not immediately felt on the pro-scene, but he did gain experience gradually. The first breakthrough came in 2011 with the Warriors. Along with long-time teammate Royal2, they finished 2nd place to a very strong Instinct roster.

From here, he would grow relationships with fellow players and grow a presence within the scene. His biggest achievements came in 2016 and 2017, where he would win consecutive World Championships with CLG and OpTic Gaming. He could have made it three World titles in a row in 2018, but his ToX roster lost to Splyce in the final 4-0. For a player to make three consecutive finals with three different rosters, is no small achievement. Currently, SnakeBite has reunited with Royal2, alongside Lethul and Frosty at Sentinels. They have already won MLG Kansas City 2022, so it is clear he wants to grow his legacy nearly 13 years since his debut.

2. Tony “Lethul” Campbell JR.

best halo players in the world lethul

Lethul had started his playing career at the age of 16. Although his first few years had not seen much title success, he would stand out in the games he played. Unfortunately, he did not manage to attend consistent tournaments until 2014. His breakthrough came with Evil Geniuses, one of the highest-profile teams in the world. In the space of a golden 10-month period, Lethul and EG would claim 14 titles across NA. He would always perform to a high level in all these triumphs, and he’s been consistently near the top of the Halo ranking system.

Along with Snakebite, he would pick up World Championship titles with CLG in 2016, and OpTic gaming in 2017. His consistent slaying, and ability to execute gameplans are exemplary. One factor that is not spoken about enough is his ability to manage a team. He is a main source of encouragement, and when in a LAN environment, he can feed the crowd. Now he plays for top side Sentinels, and without a doubt will add more silverware to his trophy cabinet. So finally it’s time for us to answer the question of who is the best Halo player in the world.

1. Tom “Ogre2” Ryan

ogre2 who is the best halo player in the world

A player that is unmatched in the history of Halo esports is Ogre2, who is the best Halo player in the world. His first success came in 2004 when he and his brother Ogre1 won a 2v2 tournament with Shoot to Kill. From this moment, as a part of STK and Team Domination, he would go on and win 20 titles. Those titles include FFA, Doubles, 3v3 and full squad formats. Success would also be found with Team 3D and Final Boss. However, his greatest successes came at National Championship events.

He won National Championships in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011, which is an achievement that is unmatched. When all tournament event wins are combined, he has over 50 titles, so it’s no wonder his retirement came as major Halo esports news. Additionally, with over $1.1 million USD in prize money, he fully deserves all the plaudits he receives. With a transition to coaching in 2017, he has shown his value in knowledge and strategizing. Additionally, thanks to his input, the next generation of Halo Championship Series players can prosper. He has undoubtedly inspired many of the players you see currently in the HCS.

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