How to Check Your Stats in Halo Infinite

If there’s one thing a competitive gamer cares about, it’s their statistics. When you’re fighting every day to win matches, everything matters, from your accuracy to your KD. However, in Halo Infinite, despite being an inherently competitive platform, it’s considerably difficult to get hold of any real, tangible statistics. This wasn’t really an issue in previous games, but for Halo Infinite, it seems to be something of a sticking point. That is why we’re here to combat that issue, and let you know how to check your stats in Halo Infinite.

While Halo Infinite’s core offering may be weak where stats are concerned, that isn’t the end of the line for avid fans of the franchise. If you’re eager to find out how you’re doing in Halo Infinite, there are in-depth third-party platforms that you can make use of. Fortunately, the best Halo stats tracker platforms are almost entirely free to use, highly accessible, and comprehensive.

Read on to learn more about how to check your stats in Halo Infinite.

What’s My Halo Infinite KD?

Have you found yourself asking that in the last couple of months?

Since the Halo Infinite multiplayer portion launched in December, fans have been scrabbling to see their Halo stats. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer much in the way of performance analytics, so other platforms have stepped up to fill in the void. Thankfully, finding your Halo stats is a remarkably simple process, even for the least technical fans among us.

Let’s start with the most prominent and popular platform – If you’re trying to find out your Halo stats, look no further than this easy-to-use website. It couldn’t be a simpler process, as all you need to do is access, type in your username, and voilá – there are your Halo Infinite stats sitting proudly upon the page.

How to Check Your Stats in Halo Infinite

Image Credit: HaloTracker

As you can see from the image above, we’ve taken one of the most highly-ranked profiles as an example. This player sits at the top of the HaloTracker leaderboard, boasting remarkable stats that include more than 13,000 kills and a win percentage of 57.5%. This is another benefit of using HaloTracker to check your stats in Halo Infinite – you can rank against other players and flex your skills.

If you’re interested in Halo betting, you can use HaloTracker to identify the public stats of some competitors, trying to get an idea of their skill.

What Are Good Stats in Halo Infinite?

So, now you know how to check your stats in Halo Infinite, but it doesn’t end there. Once you’ve found your stats, you might need help figuring out whether or not you have good Halo Infinite stats. It’s not a difficult process, and there are only really a few key statistics that you’ll need to pay attention to.

For instance, the most important thing in terms of the competitive scene will typically be your Halo Infinite KD. As a rule of thumb, any KD higher than 1.0 is good, as it means you’re killing at least one person for every death you receive. If you want an example with real numbers, take a look at the profile we featured above – the player has a 1.53 KD ratio. In numbers, that’s 13,063 kills over 8,563 deaths. So, for every time this player dies, he has killed, on overage, 1.5 players.

There are higher KDs and there are lower KDs – and a low KD doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad Halo Infinite player. It may mean that your strengths lie in other areas, such as securing objectives. That’s why the win percentage is another important statistic, as is a figure like a score per minute.

Ultimately, this is how to check your stats in Halo Infinite – do with them what you will.