Halo Ranking System: How Does It Work?

On November 1st of 2021, 343 Industries shocked the world by releasing the Halo Infinite (free-to-play) multiplayer early. As fans around the world rejoiced, many of them began exploring the Halo Infinite ranked mode, which pitted players against other competitors with the goal of climbing up ranks. However, it was a slightly confusing system from the start, with many people doubting the stability of the Halo ranking system.

But, in February of 2022, 343 Industries addressed the ranked mode, putting in place a number of fixes to stabilise the platform. With that, the developers also introduced a ‘ranked reset’, which saw players become more balanced in terms of skill-based matchmaking. As it’s a more intense, professional experience, the highest ranks of Halo Infinite are reserved for the greatest players on the platform.

So, read on to learn more about the Halo ranking system, and what it actually means to the more competitive players among us.

The Halo Ranking System Explained

Halo Ranking System Explained

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If you’re totally new to Halo Infinite ranked, you’ll need to ‘qualify’. This means you’ll need to play 10 qualifying matches to be assigned a rank based on your overall performance and statistics. If you’re winning matches, you’ll get a higher rank, but it’s also your individual performance that determines where you’re placed early on. Following the Halo ranked reset, all players were dropped down a rank and rebalanced accordingly.

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There are several differences to this mode that enables the Halo ranking system to stand out from regular, traditional multiplayer:

  • The minimap is turned off
  • All players start with the Battle Rifle as opposed to the Assault Rifle
  • Friendly fire is turned on by default
  • Items spawn in static locations
  • Grenade hit markers are disabled
  • Only Slayer, Oddball, CTF, and Strongholds can be played

Furthermore, changes were introduced to address the queuing system in Halo Infinite’s ranked mode. When trying to play, competitors join a solo or a duo queue, which will require them to select their input mode, or they can queue with a full ‘fireteam’ made up of four players. If you’re joining an ‘open queue’, you will find yourself competing against players using both controller and keyboard and mouse inputs.

What Are The Halo Infinite Ranks?

There are several ranks to achieve in Halo Infinite’s ranked mode, and the goal is to climb as high as possible. If you’re trying to learn about the Halo ranking system, it essentially begins here. At the highest, most aspirational level, only the world’s greatest Halo competitors exist. More often than not, you’ll find players here that are legitimately professional gamers, some of them fighting in the Halo Championship Series.

These are the ranks you’ll find in Halo Infinite, otherwise known as ‘Competitive Skill Ranks’, or ‘CSR’:

  • Bronze I to VI
  • Silver I to VI
  • Gold I to VI
  • Platinum I to VI
  • Diamond I to VI
  • Onyx

In Halo 5: Guardians, there was a Champion rank in the ranked mode. However, this doesn’t seem to be a feature in Halo Infinite, and it likely won’t arrive any time soon. This was a standard above Onyx, awarded exclusively to the best Halo 5 players in the world. While we may see changes occur in the future, including ranked resets to rebalance the field, this is essentially the Halo ranked system, and it’s everything you need to know.

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