Beyond Gaming will likely go far at Worlds 2021 – The Ultimate Dark Horse

Worlds are just one week away and the play-ins groups have been confirmed. Apart from the obvious favorites Hanwha Life Esports and LNG Esports (and Cloud9), there’s another potential contender that might be on the rise: Beyond Gaming. The 2nd seed from the PCS will be in Group B, and their chances of advancing are pretty high. Let’s take a look at this team and what are their strengths and weaknesses.

Beyond Gaming Roster

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Beyond Gaming – Journey to Worlds

Beyond Gaming was formed at the start of 2021, acquiring the spot from ahq eSports Club. Some players were retained from the former roster while others were picked up from the other organizations. In a few days’ time, Beyond Gaming was ready to jump on the rift. 

The PCS is still very top-heavy: there are 2-3 teams that completely smash the rest of the competition. Beyond Gaming was among one of these teams.  The Spring Split saw BYG end 2nd with a 16-2 record, only losing to Machi Esports and 1st place PSG Talon.

Right from the get-go, BYG’s identity was very clear: a team with their ADC as their main carry. Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan is without a doubt the most important pawn of the entire roster. BYG usually likes to funnel their resources into their marksman and he delivers with insane carry performances.

Doggo was all the more impressive when he was loaned to PSG Talon at the Mid-Season Invitational. Wong “Unified” Chun Kit couldn’t join the rest of the team in Iceland and Doggo went to replace him. Needless to say, he showcased strong performances and PSG Talon was able to get a top 4 finish.

Runner-up curse

After a decent spring, BYG finished behind PSG Talon yet again in summer. This time around, though, they had to fight more: a tie-breaker against Machi Esports allowed them to get second place. Despite having a worse record, their playoffs run was the game-changer.

BYG were able to beat PSG Talon in a best-of-5 series, pushing them to the lower bracket. Not only thanks to Doggo but even other players stepped up their game. Both mid laner Chien “Maoan” Mao-An and jungler Huang “HuSha” Zi-Wei had very strong showings. Out of the two, Husha was definitely the bigger surprise: many people are sleeping on him. His aggressive play style and strong mechanics are matching the meta quite well… especially on Xin Zhao and Viego.

Despite winning the series, BYG lost in the finals against PSG again, who had to go through the losers’ bracket. Nonetheless, the team brought the series to 5 games, showing that the potential is surely there.

Beyond Gaming going far at Worlds 2021

While the team has to play in the play-ins, they avoided both HLE and LNG in their group. Overall, its a greater advantage since the only realistic threat is Cloud9. They have the talents and skills to take the fight to C9, and it will be interesting to see how these two teams fare against each other.

Even if they don’t end in the first place, they should still have a relatively high chance to get through anyway. If they actually advance, teams in the groups stage will have to be careful. They were able to battle it out with PSG Talon, and we can expect them to be on similar level of play. They might still be inferior to the first seeds, but upsetting 2nd and 3rd seeds is definitely a possibility… if that actually happens, then we might see BYG at the Knockout stage as well.

If you are planning on placing some outright bets ahead of Worlds 2021. The Worlds 2021 odds on Beyond Gaming getting out of Play-Ins are quite decent and worthy of consideration.