BLAST Premier Fall Showdown – Predictions and Tournament Updates

Today marks the start of the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. It’s the last chance for teams to qualify for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. The qualifiers themselves carry a prize pool of $25,000 alongside the shot at the bigger title in December.

Teams are competing alongside others that failed to hit the top 2 spots in the BLAST Fall Premier Series. That’s alongside some teams that have been invited, and one that specifically chose to skip the group stages (Team Liquid) and go straight to this secondary tournament. The main prize on offer here is qualification to the main event in December.

Blast Premier Fall Showdown 2020 Schedule

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BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Overview

One 16 team single elimination bracket will determine the outcome of this event. With no loser bracket matches it leaves very little room for mistakes. The top two from each side of the bracket, will both qualify for the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. Matches are going to be running all day through till Sunday 29th November.

The teams taking part at this event come from those who placed highly in their groups but failed to qualify at the BLAST Premier Fall Series. Mouz, Virtus pro, Sprout, and Spirit have also been invited to take part in the event. Team Liquid are going to be in the Showdown as they decided not to participate in the group stages in order to compete at North American portion of IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020. This was a gamble, but it might be one that pays off well for the team, skipping the earlier qualification process entirely.

There are a lot of matches due to be played over the course of the event. Among them are FaZe vs MiBR, and Liquid v Mad Lions are the real bangers in the opening round. With qualification for the BLAST Premier Finals at stake though, we’re likely to see some tense action especially as the bracket gets smaller.

It was initially planned for Evil Geniuses to participate at the event, but due to traveling issues the team had to cancel their attendance.

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown Predicitons

It would be an EsportsDotNet article, if we did not provide you with our predictions for the entire bracket. You can use these predictions to share your bracket at the BLAST Premier’s Twitter, or go and place bets at any esports betting site. We are 90% confident in our first round picks. If the opening round turns out as predicted, we can expect the entire bracket to follow the same pattern.

You can see our own set of predictions below: - BLAST Premier Showdown Predictions – BLAST Premier Showdown Predictions

You can freely use the predictions to place a bet slip on the opening matches as well. Your bet slip should net you x13.1 return at We had to skip over the Heroic vs Endpoint match up however, as the provider hasn’t updated their odds just yet. If you include this match-up you can expect a x20 return on your initial bet.

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