BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022 – Gauntlet Preview & Match Breakdown

After a wild group stage that saw a lot of excitement, we now move into the next stage of the tournament. The Play-In Stage seeding at BLAST Premier Spring has been finalized. G2, OG and FaZe get a bye into the finals of each gauntlet. They only need to win one Best of Three in order to advance to the Spring Finals. Vitality, NIP and Astralis get a bye into the Semifinals.

Let’s take a look at the opening matchups in the elimination gauntlet.

BLAST Premier Spring Gauntlet

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MIBR looked decent during their match vs Na’Vi, and they were the better team on the server. However, after that initial upset win, they were handled with relative ease when going up against OG and Astralis, losing both games 9-16. They have a lot of holes in their game.

Complexity, while also having a lot of problems on the server, looked pretty convincing in their showing vs G2. Since they have such a young roster, they may have just been working out some of the kinks in their initial matches.

Expect a close series going the distance with Complexity coming out ahead.

NaVi  vs Liquid

Natus Vincere losing to MIBR was a result that nobody could have predicted. Something just seemed off when they played. They looked like a different team than we have seen recently. Their coordination was lacking, as was their aim.

Liquid, on the other hand, did not appear lackluster, especially considering the recent roster changes. Though they have not had a ton of time to practise with this new lineup, they appeared to be decently coordinated. Nitr0 made his first appearance since having switched to Valorant. Though he did not look like his old self, his in-game leading was not bad at all. All three of their games went into overtime. All of them were close games where they had impressive showings. If they continue on this trajectory they could be the best American team in no time.

If Na’Vi play like they did in the group stage, they have a good chance of losing to Liquid. It is still hard to pick against Navi, but Liquid has convinced the scene that they are here to compete.


While EG had a close match vs Liquid, they looked brutal vs Vitality. It is hard to pick them as the favorite coming into this match after having seen such a lack of coordination from them. Though their match vs Liquid was close, it was still obvious that they needed more time to figure out their playstyle.

BIG lost to NIP twice in the group stage and beat Complexity. Though they may soon have the firepower they need with faveN having been brought in, they look disjointed. This series should go all three games with EG having the slightest edge.

While the most likely to advance are those who have made it to the finals, a few of the big names here could pull off a solid run through the rest of the bracket. The big theme of the tournament so far is newer teams looking disjointed. Though it is to be expected, it’s hard to make good predictions when newer teams are playing each other. This Play-In stage will show which teams have been able to adapt and do what it takes to win.

In the end, here’s our betslip for the upcoming matches and the CSGO odds courtesy of Betway.

Complexity vs MIBRComplexity to win 2:0@ 2.15
NAVI vs LiquidMaps total over 2.5@ 2.40
BIG vs Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuses to win 1:2@ 4.00