BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022 – Opening Match Predictions & Odds

Blast Premier Spring 2022 begins today, with plenty of CSGO betting opportunities. Here are my predictions for the opening Group Stage of this year’s first big tournament. 

Scroll to the bottom if you want to skip the analysis and head directly to the odds and predictions. If you want to read about the key storylines and some backstory on the favorites, check out our preview article.

BLAST Premier Spring Groups Predictions

G2 vs C0mplexity

The new C0mplexity squad should be out of their depth against the G2 powerhouse. G2 has more experience, talent and a more experienced in-game leader. G2 should be winning this opening match handily. It may be a good idea to place a bet on the under for number of rounds.


NIP without Dev1ce should not be able to beat any tier 1 team in the world. It would be hard to bet on them winning. This would be a good opportunity to try a bet paying out on BIG winning a lot of Counter Terrorist side rounds. Though an upset is always possible, it is hard to imagine in this case.

Na’Vi vs MIBR

Another match that ought to be a complete blowout. Na’Vi should run through MIBR like a hot knife through butter. It may be hard to find good odds on anything having to do with Na’Vi winning. Perhaps this is an opportunity to bet big on the favorite.

Astralis vs OG

This matchup should end up being quite close. With Astralis having struggled recently, they really need k0nfig to step up and carry the squad. Recently, they have had issues integrating Lucky into the team. If they end up essentially playing 4 vs 5 again they are in for some trouble. OG on the other hand have had struggles of their own. With Nexa coming into the team, we will see if they’ve had enough time to develop their playstyle. This matchup will come down to Valde vs k0nfig. Whoever is able to outperform the other will end up winning. Expect a close game and look at betting on the over for the number of rounds.

Vitality vs EG

Though EG is sporting a new lineup, Vitality’s new stars will shine brighter. EG’s Stewie2K and autimatic will have to roll back the years if they hope to give Vitality a good game. With autimatic having been on a Valorant team for the last while, we will see how he has adapted. Expect Vitality to win while taking a look at betting on the under for number of rounds.

FaZe vs Liquid

This is a tough one to call. Liquid’s roster has been shaken up so much that it is almost impossible to guess what sort of form they are in. With Ropz coming into FaZe it is a clear upgrade and he will slide into a role he fits into. This is harder to say for Liquid, especially with Nitr0 coming in as IGL after having been playing Valorant for so long. Simply due to these factors, it would be a safer bet to take FaZe winning this.

These games will begin Friday, January 28th.

G2 vs ComplexityG2 to win@ 1.24
BIG vs NIPBIG to win @ 1.76
NAVI vs MIBR1st map - Total Rounds under 24.5@ 1.87
OG vs Astralis1st map - total rounds over 26.5

@ 1.82
Vitality vs EGVitality to win@ 1.33
FaZe vs LiquidFaZe to win@ 1.49
We are looking at 147$ in return for a 10$ accumulator bet. Not a bad haul considered the CSGO odds.