BLAST Pro: Spring Showdown | Fantasy Players Picks (4/13 – 4/18)

With $162,500 and a guaranteed spot at the $425,000 Spring Finals on the line, the world’s best Counter-Strike teams will fight for their lives at BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021. BLAST’s newest event is a double-elimination bracket running from April 13th to the 18th. All best-of-three matches will be streamed live in HD for free on the official BLAST Twitch channel.

The combination of high stakes and interesting international matchups makes this a perfect opportunity for a CSGO fantasy draft. There’s plenty of events related to Spring Showdown available, so let’s break down the strongest players to consider for your DraftKings CSGO fantasy team.

The 15 players below were chosen for their recent statistical performance and their reputation at key events. BLAST Pro: Spring Showdown brings an eclectic mix of talent from every major region, so international experience is highly valued. All statistics are taken from the past three months of top-level play.



Picking which players deserve a 1.5x captain multiplier is tough, but starting off our sheet with dev1ce is not. Astralis’ AWPer is still among the most feared players in the world for good reason. His consistent .78 kills per round and shockingly low .62 deaths make him the perfect cornerstone for your draft.


Team Vitality leans extremely heavily into their star player, making him an obvious choice for captain. His stats are chart-breaking;

  • 89.3 average damage per round
  • 74.8% kill/assist/survive/trade rate
  • .86 kills per round
  • 41.6% headshot rating

There’s nothing more to say. Draft ZywOo.


.87 KPR alone makes s1mple an excellent choice for captaincy. His record in the clutch sits at 11-7 for the year, and he’s also one of the most experienced players in attendance. Natus Vincere may have taken an early exit at ESL Pro League S13, but s1mple’s untouchable mental toughness can pull through harsh mental conditions.


Gambit’s recent success owes a lot to the cat-like reflexes of sh1ro. The Russian AWPer sits at 76.1% KAST and .77KPR, which spike as his team develops their economy. His explosive potential seems agnostic towards side and map, plus he eats clutches for breakfast.


While most eyes are glued to G2.NiKo, his cousin huNter- is an excellent sleeper pick for captain. 85.7 DPR and .78 KPR put him in the same tier as the beasts listed above. His lower price will also free up the budget for expensive flex picks.

BLAST Pro Spring Showdown Fantasy Picks

Flex Picks


Natus Vincere’s lynchpin was instrumental to their $600,000 championship at 2020’s BLAST Global Finals. A 0.75 KDR and 71.8% KAST capped with a 51% headshot rating makes him a solid choice for captain.


Extra Salt has made waves in the CS:GO scene thanks to oSee’s top-level AWPing skills. 76.9% round contribution and 0.89 KPR make him one of the most bloodthirsty players at BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown.


A career KD ratio of 1.08 and 62.4% headshot ratio over the past three months make MiBR’s entry fragger an excellent pick for fantasy. The team has performed wonderfully at home, and they’ll score a few upsets thanks to their aggressive play.


Entry fraggers are good fantasy picks for their all-but-guaranteed DPR and ability to take over a game, so let’s draft another one in Lekr0. The rookie Swede’s 76.4 DPR was central to Dignitas’ victory at BLAST Nordic Masters: Spring 2021.


EliGE is one of North America’s most experienced riflers, known for going big on the international stage. His Intel Grand Slam performance aside, EliGE has an excellent 72.3% round contribution rate and .77 kills per round.


Mantuu is a volume AWPer; his low 35.3% headshot count is easily made up by his .62 deaths per round. In a metagame focused on keeping an economic advantage, fantasy drafters should value the skillset of OG’s AWPer.


Heroic’s star rifler has earned quite the reputation since his team’s breakout 2020 streak. 73.5% round contribution and a whopping 80.8 DPR make stavn a solid choice to round out your flex picks.


Team Spirit has been on a tear since its victory at ESL Meisterschaft: Autumn 2020. degster’s 0.57 deaths per round and 1.31 KD ratio give him an edge over Europe’s other top AWPers.

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