DFS, or Daily Fantasy Sports, are contests that extend over a short time, unlike most fantasy leagues that take place throughout the entirety of a season. The daily esports fantasy system focuses on weekend events or competitive sessions.

Esports currently have a steady progression in fantasy sports, as sports outlets for DFS are selecting more titles. Below is a guide to help you understand the basics of Daily Fantasy Sports and how to win at DFS.

Understanding How DFS Works

Conceptually fantasy sports are simple to understand. A participant in a fantasy league will select a virtual team from a pool of real-life players to compete against other selected teams. Fantasy Players get points based on the real-life performances of those they selected to be on their team. A winner is determined when the player whose team has generated the most points wins.

League of Legends has a fantasy League that consists of seven picks. The selected Summoners will earn the team points based on how they play, so Kills/Death/Assists and in-lane objectives like Dragon Kills, Turret, and Baron all play a role in the point system. The final point system in tallying their performance is completely based on the manager of the League.

How To Win at DFS

Understanding Projections

If you live in a country that allows DFS or esports DFS, it is important to understand projections. Fantasy is about production, not star power. You can easily get lost choosing a player on your team based on their name. It is important to take aside feelings and bias when selecting because to win. You must have strong performances by your team members.

When selecting your team for DFS, it is important to look at the matchups of each weekend event or competitive session. Doing this allows you to select players who project to have strong performances. Remember, in DFS, the team that you select is only for a short period of time, which means your teams will constantly change based on the matchups.

How to Separate Yourself

Esports DFS is fun, and you should play with that in mind, but if you are looking to separate yourself from the pack, it is important to do research.

The biggest key in fantasy sports is understanding how you think a player will perform in their event during their specific opponent. As long as you are not selecting players based on whims and bias, you will find success.

It is important to remember that to win at DFS you have to put together a team that will put up points, not one that looks good on paper.

Don’t be afraid to get help with drafting your team! A fantasy esports expert can give you advice and DFS tips on how to put together the best possible squad.