DraftKings has been one of the best places for fantasy sports, esports betting and gambling in the past few years. The inclusion of DraftKings CS2 and other fantasy esports in their long list of activities has boosted the appeal of the platform even further. DK currently offers several esports fantasy competitions available for its users, a number that will continue to increase.

Currently, DraftKings bonuses and promos for fantasy esports are plentiful and numerous. One of their most promising and advertised fantasy esports is Counter-Strike 2 – or ‘CS2’. With competitions running daily, let’s deep dive into CS2 on Draftkings.

What is CS2 on DraftKings?

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For now, DraftKings CS2 is another DFS league that users can join and compete in. Of course, being an esport, it will operate in different ways than DraftKings’ more popular leagues like the NBA or NFL. Many DraftKings reviews will show that DFS leagues are some of the company’s best activities.

It’s very encouraging to see fantasy esports get their start through such activities. This activity is another that players will be able to earn crowns from the league to increase their DraftKings daily rewards.

How Do You Play DraftKings CS2

Like in other DFS leagues, players will draft players from real-life CS2 leagues and create a team to compete with. DraftKings CS2 scoring is reflected in the performances of real-life players in their respective leagues.

When drafting a team, each user will have a salary cap that they can’t go over, lest their lineup is deemed invalid and unable to enter contests. Each player available to draft will have an assigned salary, and participants in a contest or tournament must budget appropriately. Of course, some intricacies can complicate matches. DraftKings CS2 isn’t the only fantasy CS league, but it differs through its scoring systems and rules. There are two game styles for CS2 that DraftKings offers.

Although there are some differences between the two modes, most notably the number of players needed to form a lineup, there are standard DraftKings CS2 rules shared across both modes. These include how scoring is calculated, player pools, and the salary cap. There’s also the rounds not played bonus, a system where active players on a roster receive a small bonus score for each round they didn’t play, regardless of whether they won or lost.

It’s a pretty simple process to enter a DraftKings CS2 league, and doing well can complete DraftKings esports achievements.

What CS2 Tournaments Are Covered In DraftKings?

The CS2 tournaments that DraftKings offers are numerous. Counter-Strike is one of the most popular esports globally, and there are many tournaments every year. DraftKings CS2 holds contests for both showdown and classics format. Some tournaments can have quirks that participants may want to consider. Said quirks could include a specific selection of maps, an increased role for coaches, and other variables that can have slight effects.

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DraftKings CS2 Rules & Scoring

Rules for salary-capped contests are as follows:

  • A First Kill is given to the player who scores the first kill in any round.
  • A Clutch 1vX is defined as winning the round while being the last surviving member of the team, where the X stands for the number of enemies alive at the time the last team-mate died.
  • Quad kill is awarded for 4 kills in a single round and an ace for 5 kills in a single round. Players can only achieve one of these options in a given round.
  • For the purposes of DFS scoring “a round” is defined as the time between two buy periods. In-game events that take place after the round clock expires, but before the next round’s buy period are considered to be part of the previous round.
  • Players must earn stats in at least one of the rounds in the series in order to be eligible for the RNP bonus.
  • Match Sweep Bonus + 5 Pts – Any player on a team that wins a match without a loss in a best-of-series.

Contest results will be determined by the total points accumulated by each individual lineup entry. Scoring is illustrated in the picture below:

DraftKings CSGO Scoring

DraftKings CS2 Scoring

Tips On DraftKings CS2

There are some tips new DraftKings CS2 players might want to know. The league rules are simple, but participants will want to learn some details to gain an edge over their competition.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that individual player heroics matter more than team results. One player getting an ace, a clutch moment, or just racking up many kills is how they accumulate points for a user’s team.

That’s not to say match results don’t matter at all, but the individual stats, like kills, deaths, and assists, are the primary things to look for when drafting a player.

There’s also the captain bonus, where users can choose 1-2 players (depending on the mode) that will receive a 1.5x multiplier to their score. However, drafting a player as a captain will result in their salary receiving an increase as well. Players can select anyone on their roster as their captain.

Participants also can’t stack up on one specific team, as there’s a limit to how many players someone can draft from the same team. And, of course, understanding the actual CS2 esport, and each player’s role helps a lot before joining any fantasy CS2 leagues.