BLAST World Final 2021 – Exotic betting markets to utilize this weekend

For this edition of our CSGO picks, we are going to dig deep and provide several picks for the two upcoming lower bracket matches at BLAST World Final 2021. We are not looking into outright wins, but focus on exotic markets and special selections instead.

Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

TL BLAST World FInal 2021

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Astralis vs Liquid

After surviving in their bout against NIP, Astralis set themselves up with a legit chance to advance further in the event. Liquid, however, defeated the reigning kings, Natus Vincere, but they came short against Gambit.

When it comes to map veto, both teams look even. Liquid will definitely permaban Ancient while Astralis will for sure remove Vertigo first. With that being said, Liquid will have a solid chance on Overpass as Danes barely ever play this map.

From our point of view, Astralis will have a great chance on Dust 2 and Nuke. Mirage and Inferno are coinflips and bookmakers agree with us on this.

Let’s sum everything up. Both Astralis and Liquid are playing solid Counter-Strike at the moment. Victories over NIP and Natus Vincere are definitely something to brag about. Because they are fighting for their lives in the event, we are expecting a tense match with a lot of nail-biting moments.

By far the safest pick for this match is that we are going to see all three maps being played (total maps played – over 2.5) at even odds (1.90). We are also positive that Liquid will win their map pick in style hence why a round handicap of -3.5 is also a rewarding bet at the odds of 3.00.

Safest Pick: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.90

Natus Vincere vs G2

After being demoted to the lower bracket of their group, Natus Vincere fired back right away by demolishing Heroic. G2, however, looked really good against Vitality, but they failed to win at least a map in that bout. Truth be told, NiKo was hitting his shots and it was still not enough against fired-up Vitality.

This map veto should be easy to predict. G2 is going to ban Overpass first while Natus Vincere will follow with Vertigo ban. This leaves both teams with a wide range of comfortable maps to choose from.

If they want to play it smart, Natus Vincere is going for that Nuke pick and this is where they will totally dominate. G2’s only chance is Mirage and they know that for a fact. Even though they had ups and downs on this map, it is obvious that they are most comfortable on it hence why we believe that this will be their pick.

When it comes to finding bets for this match, we can already say that the odds are not going to be as rewarding. Let’s start with Natus Vincere and their map pick. S1mple and co. should not have a problem beating G2 on their map pick with at least 5 rounds difference. The odds on that round handicap(-4,5) bet are set to 1.70 which is excellent. We also want to touch base on Mirage pick. This map should be very competitive hence why we are going to stick to the Totals Rounds Played on Mirage – Over 25.5 for high odds of 1.80.

Safest Prediction: Round Handicap(-4,5 Natus Vincere) on Map 1
Odds: 1.70

BLAST Premier World Final 2021 Duel of Players – Kills

GG.BET is running a special selection of exotics pitting the rosters of NaVi/G2 and Liquid/Astralis in a comparison battle for total kills. You can select outcomes based on the total Kills the player has in each series compared to this opponent.

For our selection, we chose three picks from each of the two match series: (*Predicted winners are in bold)

  1. s1mple vs NiKo – 1.25
  2. Boombl4 vs JaCkz – 1.32
  3. electronic vs NiKo – 1.8
  4. blameF vs FalleN – 1.58
  5. gla1ve vs Grim – 1.78
  6. Xyp9x vs Stewie2K – 1.72

We are looking at combined CSGO odds of x14.36 for this selection alone.