Race to World First: Echo clutches win in Sanctum of Domination

Echo managed to bring Sylvanas down to 45% and finally finish the Race to World First Sanctum of Domination.

The kill was 48 hours in the making, as the race to clutch out a kill before the North American servers reset gave us an absolutely bonkers morning. Complexity Limit brought Sylvanas down to 45.5% last night before heading to bed and hoping they clutch out a kill this morning. Echo was a percent short last night and could potentially clutch out the kill, but decided to get some rest and try it this morning. With their strategy streamlined, Echo finally earned their first RWF trophy under their new name.

Echo RWF Sylvanas Kill

The Sylvanas Grind

Five guilds in total managed to reach the final boss in the first week. Echo, Complexity Limit, BDGG, Method and Pieces were the only guilds to even make it there, with Echo and Limit being the only two guilds with reasonable odds of winning the race. Over the past 48-hours both guilds have been neck and neck in progress with mere percentages between them and a boss kill.

This trend has followed both of the guilds throughout the Race to World First, with the North Americans dominating the early portion of the race and Europe dominating the latter part. In the final 12 hours of the race both guilds were a 1% away from claiming the World First trophy, but it was ultimately Echo that delivered the final blow.

The final try was as clean as they can get, with all raiders absolutely on point in what looked like flawless execution.

The final tally on pulls was 176 in total, which is far less then some previous Race to World First events, but still a formidable number considering the length of the fight and how deep later attempts went. This race, while being shorter then previous RWF races, has been one of the most intense and competitive races to date, with nearly 400k viewers across all competing guild/player streams at all times. The reset of the raid today is likely going to make the Raid even more difficult after Blizzard tweaked several bosses after they were initially defeated.

Its has been an intense week for all guilds competing, but in the end Echo proved they are the best raiding guild in the world at the moment. A lot of praise has to be given to Limit, who kept this race close and competitive. Additionally, BDGG and the re-birthed Method kept the momentum going, meaning we in for a serious Shadowlands RWF finale later down the line.

Congratulations to Echo for an absolutely bonkers showcase.