Blizzard sheds light on World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Expansion

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth promises to bring the popular MMORPG back to its roots. Casual and veteran fans celebrated Blizzard’s decision to capture the very essence of original WoW in their latest expansion.

In anticipation of the new game, the videogame developer has shed some light on the new game modes, PVP talents and a new build. War Mode comes to World of Warcraft as well as the Dueler’s Guild, while player versus player combat will also undergo major changes.

A new way to wage war in PVP

World of Warcraft Legion brought changes to the PVP talent system and players were generally happy with the changes made. Having said this, Blizzard is ready to switch from the current Honor Talent system to one they consider to be fairer. Instead of unlocking talents gradually through PVP, players will get them as they level up.


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By the time they reach max level, they will have them all available, which also gives them time to get familiar with the newly acquired talents. Speaking of Max level, World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth will empower players to level up their characters all the way to 110.

A world PVP experience at your fingertips

Blizzard also plans on changing the way players get involved in PVP, with the addition of War Mode. The most important change is that players will no longer be locked into a play style, based on their realm choice. You can always switch from PVE to PVP without having to move your character to a different realm or server. Conversely, those who determined that their play style is not suitable for player versus player action, can always opt out of War Mode.

World of Warcraft Legion New arena

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This is a revolving door, so the change should be universally endorsed, especially with the new experience bonus. Players who choose to spend their time in War Mode will receive more experience as they level up, to compensate for the added danger. The honor level changes will also reward players with pets, mounts, titles and other prizes. Players who have several characters on the same account will be rewarded for their aggregated performance.

Introducing the bounty hunter system

Those who choose to embrace War Mode will also like the new bounty system. Players who kill a predetermined number of members of the opposing factions will gain the status of Assassin. This will boost their damage and healing by 15%, but will also mark them as a target for opponents. Those who kill an Assassin are rewarded with conquest points, which should motivate players to focus on these killers.

A safer alternative for those who want to prove their combat prowess is to battle in the Dueler’s Guild. These new outdoor PVP arenas in Boralus or Zuldazar will reward players who vanquish a long list of opponents. Titles such as Contender and various achievements should keep players motivated to return to these arenas time after time.