Login issues plague WoW Battle for Azeroth launch

Blizzard wanted to make sure that the latest expansion to the popular World of Warcraft series will be truly memorable. The decision to launch the game simultaneously in all regions was met with enthusiasm by the fans of the MMORPG. There were of course concerns regarding the high number of people trying to log in simultaneously. Apparently, those people were worried for a good reason because login issues have indeed ruined the party of some of the most dedicated players.


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Blizzard servers under pressure

It was expected that servers would be tested by the high number of people trying to log in simultaneously. Since this is the first time Blizzard Entertainment rolls out a new expansion across all regions at the same time, there were many lingering doubts. Unfortunately for the game developers and many of those who were hoping to explore the content right away, the launch was plagued by logging issues. Blizzard officials were quick to acknowledge the problem and told players that they were investigating the matter.

Players who took the precaution of logging into the game before the official release had no problems whatsoever. On the other hand, some of those who launched the game client in the first minutes after Battle for Azeroth went live, were unable to login. The generic message they got was “logging in to game server” but sadly for the enthusiastic fans, nothing happened further. Others went a step further, but their characters were not displayed, so they couldn’t actually enter the game.

The Battle for Azeroth has begun

Players who were able to overcome the initial obstacles, as well as those who logged in advance had a memorable night. Blizzard has added a new and fascinating chapter to the World of Warcraft story, one that is expected to send the franchise to new highs. The previous expansion was able to breathe new life into an MMORPG that was bleeding players. Once again, the community is strong and enthusiastic, waiting to see how the war between the Horde and the Alliance will resolve.

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

© Blizzard Entertainment

Battle of Azeroth was released globally and players from both the Eastern and Western hemispheres were able to play simultaneously. It made no difference that in some parts of the world, it was late at night, as the number of people who tried to login exceeded expectations. As stated above, the downside of so many people trying to play simultaneously is that the servers were overwhelmed. The game itself, however, looks exceptional and the changes made to gameplay and narrative keep it fresh.

The level cap was increased from 110 to 120 and players can side with the Horde or the Alliance. Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner is at the cornerstone of the new narrative as she marches her army towards Darnassus. In the wake of the new expansion being released, the emphasis is on exploring the new zones and playing in PvE events. In the long run, the new honor system and updates made to the PVP talents should also make player versus player skirmishes more exciting