WoW Esports goes to Twitter and the official AWC Viewer’s guide

While WoW isn’t the biggest of esports out there, it’s still got a decent following – and publisher Activision-Blizzard just created a dedicated Twitter for the game. Created about a day ago, the Twitter handle @WoWEsports already has more than 4.8k followers – and a couple of tweets to get started.

It’s not the most prominent of Blizzard’s news (that honour goes to the upcoming Arena World Championship) but it’s a nice nod towards WoW esports fans that normally don’t get a lot of attention from official channels. We wrote about the two branches of the WoW esport back in January. The Mythic  Dungeon International and the Arena World Championship are clearly going to be a focus for the company – and that can only be great for fans!

WoW Esport goes to Twitter and the official AWC Viewer's guide

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WoW Esports goes official

Twitter users seem more than pleased that Blizzard has created an official site for it – the comments are already flooded with jubilations, jokes and even the odd declaration of love – almost all filled with positive energy.

It’s the perfect setup for the 2020 competitive season that’s about to launch – both the MDI and Arena World Championship are set to be bigger than ever, with more prize money than before and even more dedicated fans and players.

Of course, fans already took to the new Twitter with questions about this year’s event series and the formats they’ll be seeing amid plenty of excitement that it’s happening at all!

The 2020 roadmap

Back in February, we wrote about the 2020 roadmap for the Arena World Championship. However, in addition to the WoW esports Twitter, there is also a brand new schedule for the 2020 Arena World Championship out now – check it out for more news about how the tournament is going to go down.


  • Cup 1Fri, May 22, 2020 7:00 PM CEST
  • Cup 2Fri, May 29, 2020 7:00 PM CEST
  • Cup 3Fri, Jun 5, 2020 7:00 PM CEST
  • Cup 4Fri, Jun 12, 2020 7:00 PM CEST


  • Cup 1Sat, May 23, 2020 7:00 PM CEST
  • Cup 2Sat, May 30, 2020 7:00 PM CEST
  • Cup 3Sat, Jun 6, 2020 7:00 PM CEST
  • Cup 4Sat, Jun 13, 2020 7:00 PM CEST

It’s a pretty simple split – two series of 4 cups each, leading up to the overall Battle for Azeroth Finals. 4 of the events will be taking place in the European circuit, the rest in North America – and all of it will culminate in a single event with a $500.000 prize pool.

Follow the 2020 roadmap for the Arena World Championship if you want to see how exactly the events are set up – or if you want to participate. With all eight cups being held online and with a $10.000 prize pool of their own, you may just find yourself wanting to check things out as well – if so, be sure to sign up in time as the first competitive weekend is the second to last one of May.

Tune in this Friday 10 a.m. PT | 7 p.m. CET only on Warcraft’s Youtube.

Of course, esports betting fans may also want to check with their favourite betting provider whether or not they offer odds on the final event – you may just get lucky, especially now that the WoW esport has been made that much more legitimate! We will follow all Esports Blizzard news, and provide you with up to date information as the season evolves.

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