Brawl Stars Championship 2021 New Season & Monthly Challenges

The global Brawl Stars Championship series 2021 is about to start, complete with monthly challenges and of course, monthly qualifiers as well.

The 2021 series will feature 8 seasons, each spanning one month and each containing a Championship Challenge (CC), Monthly Qualifier (MQ) and Monthly Final (MF). Each types of competition will run across two days. For the qualifiers, players compete in a Swiss-style competition, the week after each monthly challenge competition.

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BS Monthly Challenges

Each month until September, there will be a BSC challenge on one weekend. The week after, the corresponding monthly challenge will be happening. Remaining dates eg. for the Monthly Finals are yet to be announced.

The announced dates for the challenges are: Feb 20-21, Mar 20-21, Apr 17-18, May 15-16, June 19-20, July 17-18, August 21-22 and Sep 18-19.

In other words, the first of these competitions isn’t far off at all – in just a few weeks, players will first be able to participate in the challenge. What actually is the challenge? Well, it’ll have players doing their best to get to 15 wins before accumulating 3 losses across 5 different game modes. The modes in question are Gems, Brawl Ball, Bounty, Heist, and Siege.

Players on Twitter are already recounting their experiences from previous events…


A “worrying” change is the 3 loss limit (used to be 4), and that one less loss making things harder for players. However, most high end players drop a single game or max two before reaching their cap.

Teams are encouraged to still take part even if they don’t qualify for a potential monthly finals slot, since the Swiss-style competition has no eliminations, and teams can therefore still gather points for a potential World Final slot. Teams that can participate must have either 3 or 4 members to be eligible for the MQ competitions – the top 8 teams of each region’s qualifiers will get to play in each monthly final.

Finally, Brawl Stars caster Teddie made the extra effort analyzing all potential EU & NA roster changes so we don’t have to. Have a look:

The World Finals

At the end of the season awaits the biggest competition of them all – the WF. A total of 16 teams from 7 regions will participate – and most likely, in person! Set in November, assuming that travel restrictions, etc allow it safely, the players will compete in one location. The Finals will have a minimum prize pool of $500,000, but likely higher due to in-game sales likely boosting the number.

The teams’ spots are allocated based on each of the 7 region’s player densities – so regions with more players will get more stops for their teams. The 2021 BSC upped the number of regions from 5 to 7 – EECA and SESA as well as ANZ. Players need to residents in one of the participating regions for more than 3 months prior to the start of the tournament.

The two new regions have a spot each, EA, LATAM S, and NA/LATAM N have 2 each, Mainland China 3, and EMEA 5.

In the end, a new map pool announcement is due to come later today.  We will update you with the latest info accordingly.

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