Brawl Stars Championship 2022 Details Announced – Pro Circuit Returns

This week Supercell has revealed some clear details and a launch date for the Brawl Stars Championship 2022. This is a pro league for Brawl Stars that is the highest level of competition for the game. The event is going to be returning across this year beginning in just a few months. It’ll have a bigger prize pool, different formats, and more high-stakes events. This news is big for Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars Championship 2022 Season Details

Brawl Stars Championship 2022

Brawl Stars 2022 circuit was announced through a recent Instagram post by Supercell the game’s devs. This is a bit of a strange way to announce something, but it does come close to what they did last year for an announcement. While details are a little scarce at this stage, we do have a decent roadmap for how the year is going to be running.

Things will be kicking off with monthly qualifiers. These start-up in February, with the monthly finals beginning in March. Monthly qualifiers for the event are going to be taking place in a double-elimination bracket. This will allow for a more diverse group to make it to the finals with second chances. The prize pool for these monthly events is going to be increasing this year too.

The middle of the season will see a mid-season invitational take place. The top teams from the BSC will be brought into an event here. It’ll be a face-to-face tournament with a decent prize pool on offer. That’s about all we know about this part of the Brawl Stars Championship 2022 so far though.

In terms of the format for the event, Supercell will move to a Power Match format. Draft phases will now happen before matches and players can ban brawlers.

BSC 2022 Finals

The monthly finals will funnel the teams down to just the best 16. They will then move into the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022. This is the big event for the season and it is definitely important. LATAM South will get two teams in the finals, Mainland China will get one, EECA gets two, EMEA will get five. East Asia will get two slots for the final, SESA and ANZ get one team between them. North America and LATAM North also only get three teams.

Part of the announcement was vaguer support for grassroots competitions. This hasn’t been detailed in full yet though.

That’s rough all that’s been announced so far about the event. However, we can probably expect more details in the future. This isn’t dissimilar to what Supercell has said in the past to announce events.

Compared with previous years, this event is starting earlier in February. The announcement has come quite a bit earlier too. Last time around, Supercell gave out more details on the tournament closer to the time. However, their approach this time around has definitely highlighted what is bigger and better about 2022 for Brawl Stars.

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