BTS Pro Series Season 8 Week 2 Match Predictions and Analysis

A week since the BTS Pro Series Season 8 kicked off the Americas regional. While the early outcomes already dictated which teams are formidable, it’s still anyone’s game as we head into the second week.

Let’s dig through four matches I believe will earn you the biggest returns this week.

Team Team

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TEAM TEAM vs NoPing e-sports (Americas)

It’s any old-school American fans’ fantasy to see the North American veteran players teaming up for a game they played over a decade old.

The iconic Michael “ixmike88” Ghannam currently leads the revamped TEAM TEAM for another run to become North America’s best team. Sure, ixmike88 nor TEAM TEAM ever really had credibility for being a decent team. But their recent performance at the BTS Pro Series Season 8 Americas has shown notable results after winning against 4 Zoomers, D2 Hustlers and 4Gringos. They also had several draws in other matches, so they aren’t too shabby.

Whereas NoPing e-sports hasn’t played too many games for us to give any proper analysis or verdict yet. Regardless, NoPing is a rising star from the South American scene after coming in close at the WePlay AniMajor. The odds are against TEAM TEAM in this match at x6.69, while NoPing has x2.06 returns.

4 Zoomers vs NoPing e-sports (Americas)

Staying onboard the Americas hype train, 4 Zoomers is another team that boasts an American classic. The legendary player goes by the name Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao, or EE-sama, in short. Partnering with a player he once kicked definitely seems like rubbing salt onto one’s wound, so let’s hope the team has good results at the very least.

Despite the high expectations for 4 Zoomers to deliver, their recent matches have been somewhat underwhelming. Most were close draws, but they also took losses from TEAM TEAM and D2 Hustlers.

Yet, the Dota 2 odds are relatively even at approximately x3.00 for both sides, regardless of 4 Zoomers’ mediocre scores. Perhaps it’s all thanks to Nico “Gunnar” Lopez, 4 Zoomers’ wild card that always carried the game even when they lost. I expect a draw here with each team taking a game.

Team SMG vs BOOM Esports (SEA)

Straying away from Americas, the Southeast Asia region has notable matches worth checking out.

Firstly, SMG and BOOM Esports have what it takes to be next in line as viable candidates in Dota 2 betting. Team SMG, albeit off to a rough debut, finally seemed more composed in their drafts and counter-picks. In their match vs Motivate.Trust Gaming, SMG punished their enemy’s greedy draft of Terrorblade and Storm Spirit.

By snowballing and gaining control over the enemy-side of map, it just wasn’t enough space for two greedy carry picks to get enough farm. Meanwhile, Damien “kpii” Chok has always been an offlaner that gets pushed over by his enemies often, but SMG’s offlane hero pick has been on-point too.

We hope to see more from SMG, who already defeated notable Dota Pro Circuit 2021 participants, namely Execration, OB Esports x Neon, MG.Trust, and next up, BOOM Esports.

Then there’s BOOM Esports, another talk of the town. Their roster shuffle was initially a controversial discussion, as they recruited an almost entirely Filipino team. That said, BOOM seems to be off to a promising debut, so that’s one good news to prove the naysayers wrong.

Between these two juggernauts, the Dota 2 odds are seemingly even at x3.40 returns for any side to win. Esports betting aside, this is one match you do not want to miss on Sept 17, at 3PM (UTC+8). Just take my word for it because both teams are definitely aching for a clash.

Execration vs Army Geniuses (SEA)

Speaking of familiar powerhouses, there’s another exciting match coming up earlier on Sept 15.

Since the aforementioned match is three days away, perhaps a game with Execration is also up your alley. Execration needs no introduction after their frequent invitations to the International championships.

They also boast a capable team of Filipino prodigies. However, we would still point the spotlight at Ryan “Raging Potato” Jay Qui in particular. The player has been in the Esports scene for a decade now and has earned respect from many rivals.

When he’s in the forefront, opponents must pay attention to keeping him out of his comfort zone as an offlaner. Because if he gets a good offlane, rest assured that the game is very much over at only midgame. Raging Potato never hesitates to push his advantages and snowballs out of control.

Unfortunately, we don’t expect Army Geniuses to put up much fight against these folks. Not that Army Geniuses is a lousy team, but they were just outclassed by a much-seasoned candidate in SEA’s competitive scene. As for odds, AG’s x6.34 returns against Execration’s x2.04 returns only solidifies our initial predictions. Execration for the win.

TEAM TEAM vs NoPing EsportsNoPing to win@ 1.97
4Zoomers vs NoPing EsportsDraw@ 1.99
Team SMG vs BOOM EsportsDraw@ 1.94
Execration vs Army GeniusesExecration to win@ 2.04

These are good matches for the second week of BTS Pro Series Season 8, mostly calculated but will be a thriller to watch. Of course, there are more matches to catch up on if binge-watching the entire BTS Pro Series S8 is your cup of tea.

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