Call of Duty Games of Summer to close out the season

Just after the arrival of Season 5 Reloaded, the Games of Summer will be kicking off on August 28th. They’ll last until September 7th, giving you only a few days to take part, if you are so inclined. You’ll be able to test your mettle in several different trials – among them gun course, risky parkour, marksman challenges, price’s alley and the shooting range.

Of course, you’ll be competing for all kinds of rewards including exclusive skins.

The all-new Verdansk Stadium map that arrives with Season 5 Reloaded will also be part of the trials. Specifically, the gunfight game mode. That’s not all though, with Season 5 coming, Activision’s Call of Duty added several cool new things like King Slayer, the operator Morte, the multiplayer mode Ground War Reinforce, the Finn LMG gun, and of course, the gunfight tournaments themselves.

CoD Games of Summer

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The Games of Summer

For the first time since the start of the CoD franchise, players will be able to take part in these single-player challenges. Represent your country, all in pursuit of medals, just like you might see at the Olympics. Each medal that is earned in a trial pushes the country’s total further, and soon enough, we’ll know which country’s operators are truly top tier.

The five trials you can play are similar to the ones that you could play when Modern Warfare was launched. You also have unlimited entries and you can keep playing as much as you’d like, whether you want to beat your own scores or you just want to collect as many medals as possible! Medals are given for different thing depending on the trial.

The gun course map for example, will have you clearing an obstacle course while you clear all enemy targets and dodge civilians on the way. To get the gold medal, you’ll have to do it in less than 40 seconds, while bronze is given for 1.30 or less.

In the two price’s alley maps it’s all about earning points. Gold will be given for 6000 points or more, bronze for 4000 or more. You’ll have to complete this trial only with the Renetti handgun – and you’ll be faced with an endless series of enemy targets you have to shoot while dodging civilians and building up a combo streak!

Trying days

Be aware that each trial starts on a different day – the last of the five, the marksman challenge won’t start until September 1st! For participating (and based on performance), you’ll receive rewards. Each Trial medal comes with its own unique rewards, and anyone who participates will get the Games of Summer Cup weapon charm. Other than that, you can get weapon skins, vehicle skins and horns, even calling cards and Legendary blueprints for weapons.

The hardest to achieve reward will only be given to players who manage to earn gold in each of the trials. These lucky few will receive the Legendary Assault Rifle Juliet Blueprint, a high-precision, top-tier weapon.

Of course, at the end of the Games, there will also be the overall ranking of the participating countries. Each participating country’s medals earned by players will be added up to determine the overall winner – so it’ll really depend on your participation just how well your country does!

Fan reactions

Fans on Twitter and other social media reacted immediately to the launch of the Games of Summer – a mix of competitive spirit, excitement and a bit of fear of hackers hijacking the event.

Whether they really will prove to be an issue or not remains to be seen. FPS Games are a cheater magnet and a number of recent events in shooter games have suffered from such issues. For example the PCMO 2020 that saw hundreds of teams banned before the event launched, and a third of the group stage teams later on.

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