Top Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Moments

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, more commonly referred to as “MW2” will be the next entry in the franchise. The news came via the official Infinity Ward Twitter account on 28th April, as they posted a picture of the logo. The original version of MW2 had sold over 25 million copies, which was a great success at the time for a franchise that released yearly titles.

As we get ready for CoD Modern Warfare 2 2022, we compiled a list of the most memorable campaign moments. We are sure that the campaign will still hit as hard as it did all the way back in 2009. With many moments that sparked worldwide debates, and moments that put players through dread and enjoyment, there is something in this list for everyone.

Our Top Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Moments

No Russian (THAT Airport Level)

Let’s start with the mission that sparked worldwide controversy and is arguably the edgiest mission in the franchise. The narrative revolves around a planned terrorist attack on Zakhaev airport in Russia. The player takes control of undercover CIA Agent Joseph Allen, who takes part in the attack to attain the trust of extreme terrorist Vladimir Makarov. If the player chooses, they do not have to take part in the massacre.

MW2 No Russian

Although it can be judged as one of the most immersive moments in Modern Warfare history, it also gained negative traction from outside news outlets. Due to the airport setting of the mission and the large massacre that ensues, it was a combination that would drive campaigns for censorship in video games. Even with the Remaster of MW2 campaign, Vice would comment on the mission stating “Modern Warfare 2 encourages us to be emotionally masochistic”.

Regardless of news outlet opinions on this mission, it is certainly the moment that captured the attention of players, news outlets and almost all the gaming world. This pushes “No Russian” to the top of our list.

Loose Ends (Betrayal)

As you start Loose Ends, you understand the objective is to infiltrate Makarov’s safehouse, extract information and then head for an exfil. You play as Gary “Roach” Sanderson accompanying Simon “Ghost” Riley, members of Task Force 141. After not finding Makarov, but successfully extracting useful information from computers, you then make your way to a Little Bird Gunship where you meet up with General Shepherd.

After handing over the SDM, we the players witness one of the biggest betrayals in gaming history. Shepherd comments “Good. That’s one less loose end”, before shooting both Roach and Ghost. Over Ghost’s radio, Price can be heard warning them of his betrayal. Unfortunately, it is all too late, which sets up the last few missions perfectly. It would be difficult to find a player not touched by this moment, as you witness major franchise characters being eliminated by those who were considered allies.

Endgame (Showdown With Shepherd)

Now for one of the most intense showdowns in MW history. The player takes control of Captain MacTavish, as he supports Captain Price to take down General Shepherd. After playing through a largely compelling campaign, with its satisfying and soul-destroying moments, you get the chance to put down the madman. With many reasons to kill Shepherd, we doubt there is many bigger self-fulfilling climaxes in the franchise.

MW2 Endgame

The mission may take little player input, but you hear a brief speech from Shepherd which projects his pain. He comments “Five years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye. And the world just f****** watched. Tomorrow there will be no shortage of volunteers, no shortage of patriots”. After this, Price tussles with Shepherd and just before the antagonist can grasp victory, Soap throws a combat knife to save the day. Through the victory and loss of a long journey, this is one of the most satisfying ends to a Call of Duty campaign to date.

Cliffhanger (Entire mission)

This mission alone provides many great moments. Firstly, you are put into the shoes of Roach, who follows orders from Captain MacTavish. Your objective is to collect the ACS module with information and escape. You begin the mission by climbing an ice cliff, which itself shows off a nice landscape design. Further on, you will infiltrate a fuelling station using silenced weapons and a heartbeat sensor. Throughout the mission, one overseen feature is the soundtrack. The background music will quicken up and slow down at key moments, which all add to the suspense.

To carry on with the mission, Soap is captured after you collect the ACS. This will incur an intense firefight resulting in both you and Soap escaping down a pathway, and then onto snowmobiles. After eliminating pursuers, you will board a plane and escape successfully. Overall, this mission provides many awesome moments, from using stealth to an explosive escape on snowmobiles. It is this mission’s variety of gameplay, which creates one large memorable moment for the player.

Just Like Old Times (On Route for Revenge)

The plot behind this mission is simple, you take control of Captain MacTavish and team up with Captain Price. The aim is to run through a heavily armed Shadow company base and pursue General Shepherd. One of the shortest but most impactful quotes comes from the man that created the heavily depleted Task Force 141, Price. When Nikolai comments he would pick them up in three hours, Price comments “Don’t bother. This was a one-way flight, mate”.

With hearing that, the player is aware that they are in for an almighty battle to reach the end. We can understand the mindset of our characters and see how they view the situation. It is a great penultimate mission in general, but the dialogue takes over and adds weight to the entire storyline. You empathize with the characters, and understand that if they fail, the world will not see Shepherd as the war criminal he is.

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