Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Maps

As we approach the release of the next iteration of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, we grow in excitement. From the impactful Campaign and fun Spec Ops to its all-consuming Multiplayer, there is plenty of content to appreciate. For this reason, we are going to focus on the top 5 multiplayer maps in MW2. As many fans already know there is no shortage of great maps, with there being a pool of 26 to choose from.

Additionally, with the rise in popularity of competitive Call of Duty tournaments, there is certainly maps on this list you could see in CDL 2022/2023.


This is arguably the most popular of the original Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 maps, and the home of the 1v1. Along with Shipment and Nuke town, Rust is where most wager games and rivalries where settled. If you had a dispute with another player or friend, this was the place to take that problem. Unlike other small maps, there are plenty of hidden coves to weave around, ledges to climb up, and if the match isn’t going your way, corners to camp in.

Modern Warfare 2 Rust

The map itself is based in a desert, with small structures around the outer parts of the map square. The tall structure in the centre enables Sniper and AR players to take control with ease. You are almost guaranteed to find Shotgun runners or Riot Shield users amongst the pipeline’s underneath centre structure. With many ways to play, it is a guarantee to see this in MW2 2022. The map is catered towards respawn game modes, but even Search and Destroy can be fun.


Is there really a better map in Modern Warfare 2 for a crazy sniping montage? Additionally, every weapon can be used effectively on this map. SMG players can traverse through both spawn offices and an underground network, which can lead to kill heavy games of domination. AR’s can take advantage of helipad or crane and completely trap the opponents. Being spawn trapped on this map had been a common occurrence and has certainly been the cause of some broken controllers.

MW2 Highrise

Highrise excelled in respawn game modes, but also offered nerve wrecking SnD games. Many players on Gamebattles would have Highrise selected for SnD, due to the many routes and positions that can be taken. For these reasons, it is almost a guarantee this will be included in next seasons CDL map pool.


In our number three spot, but by no means a weak map is Favela. Set in Brazil, this map offers something for every player. Long-road and alley top side will often produce intense AR and Sniper exchanges. Alternatively, in-between small alleyways and inside buildings you will often find Shotguns and SMG’s running wild. Nothing can be more infuriating than running into players with Riot Shields and Claymores. Admit it, we have all been a victim of it.

Modern Warfare 2 Favela

If running down either side lane, and traversing through alleyways isn’t your thing, rooftops on either side could provide great vantage points for any weapon. However, if you want to gain these positions, they are highly accessible, which adds a high-risk high reward element. Similarly, to most other maps, this one is excellent regardless of the game mode. You can have highly competitive respawn matches and extremely intense SnD rounds.


A strong theme throughout MW2 is the uniqueness and attention to detail each map possesses. Estate certainly has its own identity. With one team spawning low cabin and the other top house, straight from the start of a match each team is presented with a challenge. How do you defend top house? How do you control the lower half of the map? Many questions are asked of players with this entry. Snipers and AR’s can excel on this map due to the minimal cover and minimal close quarter areas available. However, if players populate safehouse, it often leads to hectic gunfights, and with many rooms to hold up in, there is plenty of opportunity for clutches.

MW2 Estate

Ultimately, with this map having many different areas of conflict, it is often difficult to dominate an entire game. This is the first map on the list that is heavily suited to one specific game mode. SnD can be highly tactical, as there are plenty of strong defence set-ups, effective offensive strategies, and many key vantage points to fight for. Overall, it is exciting to think what could happen with modern professional players and this map.


A map that would be found on most popular MW2 lists is Terminal. So popular in fact, there are remakes of terminal in MW3, Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty Mobile. The setting is in Zakhaev Airport, Russia, which is a breakaway version of the infamous MW2 campaign mission “No Russian”. This map is best suited for SMG and AR playstyles, due to its many short-medium ranged areas. With one team spawning outside plane and the other near luggage, it allows all players to contest for the many power positions.

Modern Warfare 2 Terminal

One of the most highly contested places is the shop opposite plane. It is almost a guarantee that at least three or four lethal equipment get thrown into there every 10 seconds. On top of this mayhem, the corridor in front of the shop is affectionately known by players as the “Tunnel of Death”. This is a result of the number of grenades, launchers and gunfire that lands in this small position. Due to its differing areas and unique identity, it was mostly known as a great SnD map, with both bombsites providing vast challenges for defence and offence.

So here’s our rundown of our top picks of the best Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 maps:

  1. Rust
  2. Highrise
  3. Favela
  4. Estate
  5. Terminal

With these chosen maps open for a revamp and the other 21 available for developers, there is a massive opportunity to make MW2 2022 a game of the year candidate. With the continued success of Warzone, there is also a large possibility of landmarks from MW2 could be integrated into the world of Battle Royale.