Capcom Pro Tour 2022 back to physical tournaments & World Warrior

The Capcom Pro Tour 202 has just had its first details released with some pretty big news for fans of fighting games. In-person physical tournaments are making a comeback to the game. For the previous few tournaments, there’s been a lot of disappointing cancellations in the game. Things look set to be back on track right now though, with the new format being announced bringing back offline competitions. Outside of that though, there are more changes in the game’s format this year.

This is what’s different and what’s planned at the Capcom Pro Tour 2022.


Capcom Pro Tour 2022 – New format details

The Capcom Pro Tour 2022 is going to be a full circuit containing both online and offline tournaments. This hybrid format is a significant improvement over the last Capcom Pro Tour, which essentially became regional invitational finals rather than a full event. While there was still plenty of excitement, something was lacking.

This time, the entire tournament is going to have both in-person and online events, something that the circuit’s been missing lately. Things will be kicking off with online premiers taking place over April 30thand May 1st. If you’re looking at esports betting, then this Is going to be a broadcast event and one of the biggest in a long time for the game.

World Warrior finally begins

The Capcom Pro Tour is going to be launching with the World Warrior program. This is the circuit that was originally announced back in late 2019 but has been long-delayed because of Covid restrictions. This is going to be one of the ways to qualify for the Capcom Pro Tour 2022. You can participate in online or offline events here, gaining points for your performance. The top players will move to the Capcom Cup.

Online & Offline Premiers – Capcom Pro Tour 2022

The Capcom Pro Tour 2022 is going to be running 19 online regional premiers for each territory. Players can compete online within their own region. Those who reach the highest stages will qualifier for the Capcom Cup in full. That’s alongside a share of a $5,000 prize pool for each of the regions.

Alongside online events, Offline Premiers will be held as part of this year’s Pro Tour. These will be in-person tournaments with the winners moving forward to the Capcom Cup. We don’t know the full details of the format for this stage just yet though.

Regional Restrictions for Russia & Belarus

While the Capcom Pro Tour is returning in a big way in most of the world, there are some further restrictions on the event. Both Russia and Belarus are going to be excluded from the Online Premiers. We don’t know if this will last the whole tournament, or if more details are going to be announced for a replacement later in the year.

That’s how the Capcom Pro Tour is scheduled to be going down this year. This is definitely a big improvement over the more recent seasons. While there are still plenty of open options for online play, in-person events are making a return at every stage of the tournament. Keep an eye out for more details on the exact format as we get closer to the event.