Capcom Pro Tour Finals Recap – Daigo & Kawano deliver greatness

The Capcom Pro Tour final has just finished playing out, with some of the tensest matches seen in the game. The tournament was running with an adapted format this time around, but there were a number of great match-ups across the board with decent action. Also, Street Fighter 6 was officially announced.

This Capcom Pro Tour Finals recap covers all the best matches that you might have missed across the event:

Capcom pro Tour seasn Final 2021

Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Hot Matches & VODs

The Capcom Pro Tour 2021 was running in a bit of a different format this time around. With the tournament taking place online, matches were more contained. Players competed in a series of exhibition matches instead of normal format. The top players from each region competed in online matches. However, there wasn’t a big international event to find the best of the best.  While these were more local matches, we still saw some of the best players across fighting games face off against each other.

The tournament still had a number of great math ups over the course of the event. Including a very close Daigo/Kawano duel. This is a Capcom Pro Tour Finals recap of some of the best matches in the tournaments:

Daigo/Kawano Duel

The Daigo Kawano duel at the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 was probably the most anticipated match heading in. Last November, Daigo’s comeback run in Capcom Pro Tour Japan was one of the best stories to come out of the event. This culminated in a match against Kawano.  Daigo took the match in the Grand Finals, but a rematch has been one of the most anticipated aspects of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021.

In this match, both players again showed why they are at the top of their game. This was the final match of Day 3, and it seemed that the organizers definitely saved the best for last here. Things began close, with the first match seeing both players performing solidly, keeping good defences up against each other.

As the matches progressed though, Kawano managed to take a two-game lead at first. While Daigo was putting up decent resistant, Kawano was gradually grinding his way towards five. With solid anti-air plays from Daigo, he did manage to start pulling matches back. With three games played, it looked like the players were evenly matched enough to keep this going beyond five matches.

Eventually, Kawano managed to finish hitting five matches with Daigo only taking two. That final round was definitely a tense one though. Both players were reduced to only needing a few more hits to take the round and advantage. Kawano might have won the match, but both players have proved their worth at the top flight of their game. This match was definitely the highlight for the Capcom Pro Tour Finals recap, but some others are worth highlighting too.


One of the most notable matches outside of Daigo was Gama up against Kusanagi. This was the match up for Mexico. These two players both won out in qualifiers and faced each other here. Playing in a first to five, Kusanagi put in one of the more impressive performances. He rarely left space open for Gama to achieve much. He initially took the game 4-0, before Kusanagi finally began to drop a few rounds.

Gama had to win more games in a row to actually win out here and he didn’t quite manage it. While the turnaround in his performance in that fifth game was definitely a nice change, he couldn’t fight his way against the lead that Kusanagi had built up.

Those were some of the key highlights of the Capcom Pro Tour 20221. However, the full stream is worth checking out beyond this Capcom Pro Tour Finals recap. These were players at the top of their game and some of the best Street Fighter Action we’ve seen in quite some time. That wasn’t it for the event though. There were more big reveals like a new street fighter game coming out too. Things are definitely looking more exciting for Street Fighter in the coming years.