Atlanta FaZe Builds CDL Lead, Sets New SnD Record

Following another weekend of exciting CDL action in the build-up to Major III, Atlanta FaZe has wasted no time stretching out its lead against every competing team. Since winning Major II, FaZe has found itself in an advantageous position, and following the last weekend of play, the team now sits in front by thirty-five points. It doesn’t end there for ATL – this weekend, the squad set a new CDL record in Search and Destroy, now having won eleven rounds in the mode back-to-back.

It was a trialling week for some teams and a display of dominance for others. For instance, Toronto Ultra kicked off a ruthless streak, refusing to drop a single map against both OpTic Texas and the New York Subliners. Elsewhere, the Florida Mutineers broke a 12-map losing streak – which kicked off before Major II – by beating Boston Breach. Coincidentally, that was the side that kickstarted their heartbreaking descent down the CDL standings.

It’s Almost Unpredictable

Week in, week out, the Call of Duty League remains massively unpredictable – for the most part. In the week before last, the LA Thieves suffered a crushing loss at the hands of the Las Vegas Legion, but this week, they rose to dispatch Atlanta FaZe, the League’s frontrunners. Then, following a dominant stage so far, the New York Subliners, Major I’s champions, fell against Toronto Ultra in rapid fashion without winning a single map.

There’s a reason why Call of Duty betting is considered so unpredictable.

This weekend, the London Royal Ravens also defied the odds somewhat, securing its first win since late January against the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Recently, the Guerrillas has been suffering under the weight of the knowledge that its parent organisation, The Guard, appears to be restructuring, and has revealed plans to sell or scrap the team by the end of the season. Sadly, LAG is also an underperforming squad at the moment, and the team hasn’t won a match since Major II.

Looking Forward

This week, we’ll see the final qualifying stage for Major III, before players descend upon Arlington, Texas for the main tournament. There’s a lot to play for, as these final fixtures will help determine the seeding for the Major itself. For some teams, the future seems written, but if there’s one thing Call of Duty League fans appreciate, it’s underdog spirit, and there’s no real reason why a bottom-table team can’t produce a massive upset against a reigning champion, for example.

Here are some of the most exciting match-ups to look forward to this week:

  • Toronto Ultra vs. London Royal Ravens – with the highest concentration of EU players in the League, this fixture is sure to be an exhilarating one. To make it better, it’s a top-table team versus the squad at the very bottom of the standings.
  • New York Subliners vs. OpTic Texas – there’s plenty of competitive spirit between these two teams, but this’ll be the first time the two teams have met since August 2022, and countless changes have taken place since then.
  • Atlanta FaZe vs. OpTic Texas – while OpTic is having a tough season and currently sits in fifth place, there’s still an undeniable pull to this fixture. It’s a clash between the two biggest brands in Call of Duty esports, which is always exciting.

Here’s to the next week of the Call of Duty League!