Call of Duty League fans brace for event galore during mid season break

After such an epic run from Guerrillas in Major II, we are entering a small hiatus when it comes to CDL until it returns in May. Of course, even if the biggest tournament in Call of Duty is on a small break, that does not mean there is no action going on. During the break, there are a few events that you can tune in to watch, and perhaps you can even join some yourself and see how your skill stands in a competitive environment.

COD League Fans

Third-party event galore during the hiatus

For those who have been keeping track of amateur tournaments, you could have gathered up your friends and registered for the Rebirth Island open tournament by April 7th, and for those who missed out, do not worry; you will be able to observe some of the action.

Qualifiers for the Main stage will be played from April 11th until April 15th via private lobbies, and on April 24th, you will be able to watch the top eight teams that will compete for the grand prize, which will be a total of $100,000 split across the first ten places, with the winning team having the biggest cut of $30,000.

If you are curious about the format and the scoring for this tournament, here it is:


  • Online
  • Resurgence Quads on Rebirth Island
  • The Main Stage features two groups of 10 teams competing in the Semi-finals, with the top 5 from each group advancing to the Finals.
  • Each CDL Org will have a quad


  • Semis: 4 Maps, cumulative scoring (top 5 from each group advance)
  • Finals: 6 Maps, cumulative scoring
  • Placement Multiplier
  • 1 Kill = 1 Point, 1st Place = 2x Points
  • 2nd and 3rd Place = 1.5x Points, 4th – 12th Place = 1x Points

We are sure there are going to be more tournaments during the hiatus of CDL, there were already two big events that are definitely worth checking out via VODs. The first event you should check out is the Baka Bros $50K Rebirth tournament, and the other one is TimTheTatman’s $150K Kill Race. If you missed out, there are always VODs from these two events. Of course, if you missed out on the Major 2 event as well, you might want to check out the VODs for that, at least for the Los Angeles Guerrillas and their epic comeback story.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty Challengers and Regional Cups are in full swing. You can check the Challengers section on the official page for more info about your region. Finally, expect almost bi-weekly events in both CoD and Warzone. Twitch Rivals is currently ending their Fortnite no-build phase, and will probably make a few Warzone events before the CDL season returns