CoD Mobile Warzone Crossover Event – Cosmetics and Hints of Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 is just about to kick off, completely reshaping Verdansk. However, there are a few tie-in events going on in other Call of Duty titles to celebrate Warzone’s latest chapter. One of these is a CoD Mobile Warzone crossover. This is a batch of skins that you can work your way through by engaging with both titles. However, its inclusion along with recent Call of Duty news has raised the question of is there a Warzone mobile edition coming soon, and how could one work?

Radioactive Agent Redemption

CoD Mobile Warzone Crossover

Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone are holding a joint event to unlock exclusive cosmetics within CoD Mobile that are Warzone themed. This event ties into Warzone Season 3, which has brought a new map and weapons to the game. That’s alongside some interesting launch weekend esports tournaments that just wrapped up. These might not have been the biggest call of Duty tournaments or those that you can do Call of Duty betting on. However, they were fun side events. It is clear that everything is being thrown in to make the new Season feel special.

Players can unlock three new skins in Call of Duty Mobile. These are Hazmat Bomber, Soap-Hazmat, and T.E.D.D. They looks pretty clearly themed around what happened in the end of Season event, with hazmat suits dealing with the literal fallout. This event is going to be running until May 6th. So players have a lot of opportunities to take a crack at the CoD Mobile Warzone crossover skins.

So how do you unlock these skins? You just need to link your Call of Duty account to CoD Mobile. Then play a match of Warzone using this account. Doing this will fully link your Warzone career with mobile. Then, you’ll receive a token for one of these skins within 72 hours.  On top of this, you’ll receive the Ghost Stealth Operator if it is the first time you’re using a CoD account.

These new CoD Mobile Warzone skins are cool, but there’s something strange about unlocking them via linking accounts. It has slightly raised the question of if a CoD mobile Battle Royale is coming soon.

Is Warzone Mobile Coming?

These CoD Warzone mobile crossover skins are a fun inclusion, but they’re just cosmetics. What points to something more though is the unlock method, pushing players to merge their accounts. This could just be to try and consolidate Call of Duty players across the many different platforms. However, there are some other reasons to think that they’re looking into a mobile version of Warzone.

A recent survey that has been conducted has recently leaked. This directly asked Call of Duty Mobile players if they were looking to play in Battle Royale maps in the game, including Verdansk and even Black Ops 4’s Blackout. While this is only a survey, it does indicate that developers are at least considering making Warzone mobile or bringing a Battle Royale mode to the game. This would bring it inline with both Fortnite and Apex, which have mobile versions coming soon or already released.

A mobile version of Warzone could have to handle quite differently to the main game. Controls would be different, and performance for a demanding game like Warzone would be tricky. On top of that, you’ve got the ridiculous file sizes of Warzone which are hardly suitable for a mobile device. A lot of work would have to be done to make it fit, but it could be a fun addition.

This Warzone <> Mobile crossover is going to be a fun event in two games. We will have to watch to see if a fuller integration comes along in the future.