Modern Warfare 2: Multiplayer Reveal Shows Incredible Changes

In 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released, and it quickly became one of the best-selling games in franchise history. On October 28th, 2022, Modern Warfare 2 will launch, and expectations are through the roof. Today, at the Call of Duty: Next showcase, an end-to-end reveal of the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer took place, and it sent a ripple through the community, positively imbuing them with electric energy.

From all-new game modes to a rebuilt physics engine, and from a refreshed Gunsmith to a new design focus, Modern Warfare 2 looks fantastic. In the words of the development team, Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer will offer ‘a tighter experience’, and, on the new maps, they’ve said that ‘fans will enjoy how quickly they play’.

This is everything we know about Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer reveal.

Modern Warfare 2’s Multiplayer Looks Phenomenal

modern warfare 2 multiplayer reveal

Reportedly, Modern Warfare 2 has been in development for more than three years, and it’s the culmination of a massive, never-before-seen production effort. There’s so much fresh content being delivered in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer that it effectively puts the likes of Cold War and Vanguard to shame. There are extremely high expectations for this game, and from the looks of the content reveal, it certainly won’t be disappointed.

Firstly, there are all-new game modes coming in the form of Prisoner Rescue and Invasion. If you’ve ever played Rainbow Six Siege, you’ll recognise Prisoner Rescue – this is a mode that sees players fight for the control of hostages hidden around the map. Conversely, Invasion forces players into a wide, open environment, just like Ground War from 2019’s Modern Warfare. It’s a 20v20 team deathmatch that incorporates intelligent AI forces into the mix.

There’s a good mix of maps, too – from the open ‘battle maps’ to the ‘6v6′ maps that promote fast-paced, energetic gameplay in a smaller, more closed-quarters environment. From the developers’ perspective, Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer has been designed to be ‘colourful, offering visual variety and still feeling clean’.

Refreshed and Ready to Go

modern warfare multiplayer gunsmith

At the top of the table in terms of announcements was the Gunsmith 2.0 feature. This takes what Modern Warfare introduced in 2019 and improves upon it immeasurably, giving players the ability to truly create whatever they can possibly desire with their weapons. It ensures true diversity on the map and makes that ‘meta’ difficult to lock down, while at the same time giving users absolute weapon-based freedom.

Furthermore, Infinity Ward revealed that the physics and movement mechanics have been completely redesigned for Modern Warfare 2 while remaining somewhat familiar to players that loved Modern Warfare. We’ve seen the introduction of diving and variable movement speeds, the return of tactical sprinting and sliding, and a complete rehash on how vehicles handle. There are all-new interaction options, such as ledge-hanging, which introduce new ways to play.

And finally, there’s all the new equipment coming to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. There’s a near-future tech focus, introducing shock sticks, cameras, drill charges, intelligent decoys, and smart hacking systems. It’s set to be a fantastic launch, and for fans at the moment, there’s almost no way it can fail as a game. It’s another Call of Duty crossplay adventure to enjoy with friends and family around the world.

Oh, and before we go, we should also point out that third-person POV is returning to Call of Duty for the first time in more than a decade.