CoD Warzone sequel in development – What we know and want to see

Warzone has become a major part of the Battle Royale ecosystem, holding its own against fierce competition from Fortnite, Apex and PUBG. The game was a bit of a departure for Call of Duty, running concurrently alongside 3 mainline games rather than having new iterations like the series normally does.

It seems Warzone wasn’t built to last forever. We’ve just gotten confirmation of a CoD Warzone sequel officially aiming for a release later this year.

Warzone 2 and MW Sequel

Warzone sequel officially announced

This week Activision has confirmed some changes and new titles that are coming to the Call of Duty series soon. The first is a sequel to the well-received 2019 Modern Warfare game. An all-new Warzone sequel has also been confirmed to be coming alongside the next iteration in the series. Rather than being a hefty update for Warzone, this is an all-new experience being built on an entirely new engine.

Activision Blizzard confirmed a few bits around Call of Duty in this call. One disappointing aspect was that sales and engagement for the series in general are on the decline. Vanguard and Warzone have both suffering recently. In Warzone specifically, the esports side of the game seems as alive as ever, even if the numbers for the game itself are dipping.

A new game receiving a much-needed refresh could change all this. We likely won’t get a full reveal for this year’s Call of Duty game for a little while longer, and Warzone 2 news will probably come sometime around this or after. New official information probably won’t arrive until after May at the earliest.

We can always speculate though.

Big changes in Warzone 2?

Warzone has had a number of major updates since its initial release. Newer seasons have worked similarly to games like Fortnite, providing entirely new maps at times. The game has also refreshed its loot pool and had major changes to coincide with each mainline Call of Duty season. What exactly is the difference going to be between an update like these and the Warzone sequel that’s been announced?

The biggest change announced at the moment is the new engine. Rather than being built as an update to what already is there, this new game is going to use an entirely new engine. This will mark a stark departure. It could shape up key mechanics like gunplay that have remained pretty similar through Warzone’s run.

With the Warzone sequel, we’ll likely see the normal seasonal updates like a new map and new loot pool. However, building on a new engine could see movement, gunplay, and mechanics change in a fundamental way. For a Warzone sequel, this has the potential to go beyond a normal update and make Warzone entirely fresh.

The recent news that CoD games have become to suffer has included Warzone, which seems to be facing one of its bigger losses in player count. However, this might not be entirely Warzone’s fault. Games like Fortnite have experimented with no builds and other mechanics that have dragged lapsed players and streamers back to the game. This is likely just a seasonal change in what’s popular at the moment. A Warzone sequel will likely grab some of those lased players back.

Finally, bigger focus on esports akin to PUBG might be just what the game needs. We are all aware Activsion is struggling with their esports, but a contender to PUBG for the BR esports throne is way past due.

We still have a little while before we see what major changes have been made with the Warzone sequel. It’s an exciting time to watch the Battle Royale genre though.

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