Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Private Multiplayer Beta comes to consoles in August

Treyarch broke the news about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 being released worldwide on October 12 more than a week ago. Fans of the first-person shooter are anxiously waiting for that day, but they also have good reasons to celebrate pokers. That’s because they will be able to test the multiplayer in August through the Private Multiplayer Beta. They will have to wait slightly longer for the Blackout, as the Private Blackout Beta is scheduled for September.

Private Multiplayer Beta debuts on PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 owners can consider themselves lucky because they will be able to play that game before anyone else. The exclusive dedicated weekend starts on 10am PT on Friday, August 3 and concludes on10am PT on Monday, August 6. This will give them plenty of time to test the game before everyone else. The Beta for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players is scheduled for the second weekend of the same month, starting on 10am PT Friday, August 10 and ending on 10am PT on Monday, August 13.


Now that players know the dates, all they need is a private beta key that is provided to those who preorder the game. Keep in mind that it’s important to make the acquisition at select retailers or to do it digitally through the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store. PC owners drew the shorter stick on this occasion, since their weekend starts on August 11. The good news is that by pre-purchasing the game through they can play the game a day sooner.

September brings the Blackout Beta

Those who are anxiously waiting for the latest battle royale experience won’t regret when summer comes to an end. That’s because the The Black Ops Blackout Beta is scheduled for September and once again PlayStation 4 players have priority. Players who preorder the game will gain access to the console Private Multiplayer Beta; PC owners will probably feel that the one day early access is just a pale consolation, but this is still better than nothing.


Everyone will be able to play the game on October 12, but the fans are expected to learn more about the expansion on Treyarch’s official website. The game developer is confident about starting the private beta on time, but the launch date and platform availability can be subject to change. This applies to all platforms and players who pre-purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 from select retailers.

While the vast majority of players are psyched about the prospect of playing the game in beta, Treyarch’s decision had its detractors. Some players consider it unfair that one platform gets to experience everything ahead of the pack. On the bright side, PlayStation 4 players only get an early start over their counterparts and all CoD fans will be able to play the beta version in early August.

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