Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Announced

Mobile games have been up and coming for years – they’ve always quietly made up the majority of earnings when it came to video game sales, but now they’ve also started creeping into the esports world. There have been several extremely popular mobile esports tournaments already.

Especially in LATAM and Asia, mobile esports are almost as if not more popular than PC-based titles. Many popular mainstream games have seen mobile releases as well. PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty for example. The latter, Call of Duty: Mobile, that’s now getting a huge tournament.

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Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship

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The Tournament

With a whopping million dollars for a prize pool, the CoD: Mobile World Championship is going to try and do justice to what has quickly become one of the biggest mobile esports in the world. Activision revealed the lengthy tournament yesterday – it will feature both cash prizes and in-game cosmetics… and it’s starting in just a few days.

The online qualifiers for the tournament will kick off in a week – on April 30th. You’ll have almost a month to qualify. After May 24th the qualifiers will be done and the regular tournament will begin. Activision hasn’t revealed a lot of details regarding the structure of the tournament, the prize tiers, or even exactly where fans will be able to watch, but we do know how to qualify for the tournament for now!

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In order to be able to qualify for the tournament, you need to be at least 18 years old, live in a qualifying region, and have an account in good standing. Oh – you also need to be ranked Veteran or above.

As long as you fulfil those requirements you can (and should!) sign up for the open tournament. You get a reward just for signing up, and then multiple additional rewards for progressing. These rewards will be in-game items, though exact details aren’t yet known.

What we do know is that you’ll be able to earn additional in-game rewards for the tournament points you manage to earn… and even if you don’t, you’ll be getting weekly reward items. At the end of the open qualifiers, the best of the best will progress to stage 2.

At this stage, they need to form a team out of the players that made it that far. Details on this aren’t yet known, but it may be time to befriend some other skilled players if you want to make it far in the tournament.

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