Royal Ravens vs Seattle Surge – Call of Duty League Championship predictions

Last year, both Seattle Surge and the London Royal Ravens failed to gain any ground in the Call of Duty League. However, a much more remarkable season in 2022 has left both teams in a good position, and Seattle Surge even managed to make headlines by securing a shock win at Major III. As one of the key fixtures at the Call of Duty League Championship, the Royal Ravens vs Seattle Surge series is an exciting one for us to break down.

There were very low expectations for these teams coming into the 2022 CDL season. As soon as the tournament kicked off, the London Royal Ravens set about decimating all early predictions, running up a 4 – 1 record in the opening batch of qualifiers before finishing in third place at Major I. It took Seattle Surge a little longer to find its feet, but the team was securing big wins by Major III, which of course included the $200,000 trophy itself.

Now, both teams will go head-to-head to open up the Call of Duty League Championship tournament.

Battle of the Underdogs


According to the all-important Call of Duty odds, Seattle Surge is much more of a favourite to win than the Royal Ravens. This information may seem a little confusing, especially considering the Royal Ravens’ higher finishing position in the Call of Duty League standings. In fourth place, the Royal Ravens secured 190 points against Seattle Surge’s 185 points, and that includes Seattle’s Major victory.

As we’ve already mentioned, these two teams were essentially bottom-table sides last year, and neither organisation actually made it to COD Champs. It was a 9th place finish for Seattle Surge, while the London Royal Ravens wound up in tenth place. However, refreshed rosters, coaches, and a strong community backing behind both teams have meant that the 2022 season has paid off quite remarkably for these two underdog sides.

Following the opening fixture for these two sides, the team that is victorious will need to face off against either Atlanta FaZe or the New York Subliners. This is no easy feat, and it could lead to these two teams meeting once again in the lower bracket.

But which team is most likely to win in the opening fixture of Royal Ravens vs Seattle Surge?

The Stage is Set

While Seattle Surge did pick up a Major trophy, all momentum acquired through the victory was subsequently lost going into the fourth stage of the tournament. For Surge, it was a miserable final showing in the regular season, coming out of the Major IV qualifiers with a paltry 1 – 4 record and leaving the Major event without winning a single series. For the Ravens, the final stage yielded a superb 4 – 1 record, making it the best team in the qualifiers, but like Seattle, the team crashed out of the Major tournament.

Now, both teams are on a relatively level footing going into the Call of Duty League Championship. With a finish in the regular season that puts them just five points apart and with both teams boasting a remarkably similar record, it’s a tough series to call. However, based on recent form and the abilities of the squad throughout the year in general, we’ll have to back the London Royal Ravens in this one.

If you’re interested in Call of Duty betting, you won’t want to miss this one. For this fixture, the action begins on August 4th at 20:00 BST.