COD Pro Players Are Sick of Cheaters in MW3 Ranked Play

For those who are seeking more of a challenge in Modern Warfare 3, the go-to destination is Ranked Play. This is where competitors adopt Call of Duty League rules and play with stricter regulations than traditional multiplayer modes. Sadly, all is not well in the MW3 Ranked Play space, though. Once again, Call of Duty’s most competitive mode has been infected with a plague of cheaters, and they’re proceeding to ruin the game for one and all, including some of Call of Duty’s best pro players.

It’s almost synonymous at this point: Call of Duty and cheaters. For years, Call of Duty has suffered immeasurably at the hands of malicious operators seeking to alter the game to suit their own nefarious desires. From aimbot to wallhacks and from ESP to invincibility exploits, Activision’s best efforts with TEAM RICOCHET have never fully slowed down the slew of cheaters breaching Call of Duty’s ecosystem. It is fast reaching a breaking point, and COD’s pro players are sick of it.

It’ll Never Get Better

mw3 ranked play

It seems as though the situation will never truly improve in gaming. As technology and anti-cheat systems become more graceful and intelligent, so do the cheats finding their way into the industry. It’s a multi-million-dollar business, and despite the best efforts of developers and publishers, most fixes are only temporary. Call of Duty is particularly notorious when it comes to cheaters – hackers have ruined both Warzone and the traditional multiplayer offerings for years on end.

In recent days, the best Call of Duty pro players have been taking to social media to voice their frustrations:

There are plenty of clips circulating online of cheaters blatantly using their hacks to disrupt games and make their way up the MW3 Ranked Play table into the ‘Top 250’ section.

Even former pro players (such as Parasite, the first-ever COD world champion), and NAMELESS (now an analyst for the CDL) are complaining:

Call of Duty isn’t alone, of course. There have been issues with cheaters in almost every competitive multiplayer game on the market. Recently, games that have seen huge surges in the number of cheaters and malicious operators include:

  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Overwatch 2
  • The Finals
  • Rainbow Six Siege

It’s a dire thing, but there is ultimately nothing that players can do. They have to just soldier on and hope that the developers are able to do something internally about the cheater pandemic that’s plaguing competitive shooters.

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