How to Unlock The Ninja Vest in Modern Warfare 3

Stealth fans, rejoice! The most overpowered vest in Modern Warfare 3 is here and it’s ready to be unlocked. For those who want to move as quickly as possible around the map – while remaining silent – the Ninja Vest is a must-have. If you want to know how to unlock the Ninja Vest in Modern Warfare 3, I’ve got some good news for you – it’s really easy. This all-new item has arrived with the Season 02 update in Modern Warfare 3, and it’s sure to become a favourite for almost every player in the game.

In Call of Duty, stealth is paramount. These days, players prioritise having silent footsteps over everything else, and given the extra attributes that the Ninja Vest offers, there’s no doubt that it’s going to top the usage charts the world over. If you want to unlock the Ninja Vest in Modern Warfare 3, read on.

How to Get The Ninja Vest in MW3

how to unlock the ninja vest

There are huge benefits to using the Ninja Vest in MW3:

  • It eliminates footstep sounds
  • It provides immunity against ‘movement reduction effects’ (like stun grenades)
  • It restocks lethal thrown equipment over time

The only caveat is that the Ninja Vest can’t be stacked with the Covert Sneakers – but that’s not a huge loss. There are plenty more options when it comes to tactical footwear in Modern Warfare 3. For instance, you could opt to use the Lightweight Boots to move faster while also remaining silent with the Ninja Vest. It’s going to be a huge loadout buff for SMG, knife, and pistol players.

So, here’s how to unlock the Ninja Vest.

Like other newly released items in Modern Warfare 3, the Ninja Vest is ‘hidden’ behind an Armory Unlock wall. That means that you’ll need to complete daily challenges to unlock it – which isn’t all that difficult, depending on the specific challenges you’re given. It’ll take five daily challenges to unlock the Ninja Vest in MW3 – but there’s a catch hidden there, too.

If you want to hit five challenges in a day, you’ll need to switch the game that you’re playing, as each mode only offers three daily challenges. So, if you play some multiplayer matches to secure those challenges and then pivot to Zombies or Warzone, you can unlock the remaining challenges. Alternatively, use the bonus challenge points you get in a single mode and grind a little harder to unlock the Ninja Vest.

Have fun staying silent out there.

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