Call of Duty DLC 4 Shadow War is available on all platforms

Evil Geniuses have won the 2018 Call of Duty World League Championship and with their victory the major CoD tournaments have ended. Fans don’t have to take any breaks, as the Call of Duty DLC 4 Shadow War, which had been launched in late August, can be played on all platforms now. PC, PS4 and Xbox owners should check out the new multiplayer maps, the war mode and Nazi Zombies missions.

New arenas to explore in Call of Duty: WWII DLC

In the latest downloadable content pack, war rages from northern Europe to Africa and players can now fight for freedom on the new Shadow War multiplayer maps.

Airship has emerged as one of the most popular of the new maps; taking players to Germany, where the Nazis conduct experiments to develop fringe technologies. Players will experience a lot of close quarters combat and will be provided with multiple flanking opportunities, if they play their cards right.

Excavation is the other Shadow War multiplayer map, this one takes place in northern Africa. Deep in the Algerian mines, players will find some of the stolen treasures that the Nazis have stockpiled. Navigating this subterranean map requires patience and a keen eye for details. Yet, those who have prowess will be able to use lightning and terrain for cover.

Chancellery is the perfect multiplayer map for those who enjoy wielding sniper rifles. The imposing building provides excellent vantage points from where sharpshooters can take out unsuspecting enemies. Protecting the mansion from those trying to infiltrate the lower floors, is a serious challenge, but one that makes this map really exciting.


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Get ready for War Mode and Operation Arcane

In the new Call of Duty DLC 4 Shadow War players can infiltrate a hidden facility in the Austrian forests, where the Nazis are developing a secret weapon. The War Mode has 3 distinct parts. First, challenging players to penetrate the heavily guarded structure, using stealth. Second, acquiring the secret weapons and schematics while navigating the winding corridors of the spacious military facility. The third part, which is also the most entertaining, requires players to protect a tank as it blows its way out of the facility.

Fighting zombies in Antarctica

Olivia, Jefferson, Drostan and Marie are once again at the cornerstone of the zombies mission. This time, they venture deep inside the Lost City of Thule to find the brain-hungry monsters. The new enemies lurk deep in the shadows, with the Corpse Eater being the toughest foe. In order to give players a fighting chance against these monstrosities, Call of Duty Shadow War introduces upgraded weapons and new consumables.

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